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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@Wedge I knew you were only joking.

Game guns get abused and such high round counts that few last more than a couple of years without new parts.

I just wanted to get an idea what to expect and what parts to stock up on.:+1:


God I haven’t competed since August with so much stuff going on. Finally got a chance today and had an amazing time shooting. Weather was great, crowds were low, and I got to shoot with a couple of my close friends. One friend has never competed but has extensive LE training. He did great and I was his RSO for a couple stages and it was my pleasure! Good times :+1:t2:


@Kona I really enjoyed your videos! (I wish I could pull my wife from the sporting clays range to video tape me.)

I especially like the stage when you were shooting over your head, down at the point-blanks, gives me an idea what to incorporate in our next match!

Keep up the good work brother!


@Johnksg it’s hard to tell but i use a reverse C clamp on the hand guard (think of holding your support hand straight out in a C with your palm down instead of up) to guide the barrel. Gives you a little more control to aim the barrel without sights.


@Kona I did notice your grip…I can see the obvious benefit of controlling muzzle rise, but I would have to spend some serious range time retraining the muscle memory! Lol

I am settling in to build new barricades for the off-season. I have an idea about a “blind” barricade with an outward swinging door that competitor’s must open to engage targets! :smiling_imp:


@Johnksg would love to run it lol


@Kona well just get your sorry self out to Oregon! Lol

I really am embracing the PCC for competition, more traditional shooters, (such as my wife) cry foul! Call it cheating and unfair.

(Since when is a gunfight fair? And if your not cheating or seeking an advantage then you just ain’t trying hard enough!)


I’m so dang proud boys! 15/62 overall and 3/9 in class! My first top 20 finish!


@Kona good job! Your running bigger fields than I do these days. (Although I don’t miss all of the waiting and lollygaggin around!)

Just curious…what were your penalties? Or did you run all of the stages clean? (My dilemma I can run real fast but pick up penalties…or slow it down and run clean stages…I just can’t seem to do both!)


No penalties. I had a double feed on stage 1 and burned the clock out. Without that I would’ve placed top 10. I’ll post it but the run annoyed me to no end. And normally it’s 100+ ppl but hunting season started today.


I wish I could afford the training to do that !!!

I know I have the tool just not the trainig !!!


@Johnksg the s**tshow in all its glory.


@Kona the look on your face and the head-shake said it all…(Been there and done that.)

Truth be told it is those little annoyances, the non-perfect runs that make us better shooters!

I really don’t miss the big AZ meets with all of the sponsored pro’s and the rest of us amateur shooters watching the time, our place in the rotation, and wondering if we would have enough daylight to shoot.

I find that I have just as much fun, and just as many f*ck-ups with 12-20 shooters as in the big matches…I just get to shoot more and wait less! Lol

Keep up the good work!


@Turmeric1 just get out there and do it brother!

Dirty lil secret…no one really has the training for competition. I have seen bad-ass navy seals and army rangers humbled by the shot timer! LEOs, well their annual quals come nowhere close to the demands of competition shooting!

Just do it! Compete against yourself at first, then you pick out another regular in your division and try to beat them. Eventually you will set your sights higher and seek a ranked finish…

And then some guy who you have never seen before, or a sponsored pro will show up to a match and make you realize how much you suck!

But it is still fun! :grin:


Agreed. There’s no better teacher on malfunction drills outside of active shooter that can get your heart pumping to diagnose and clear the problem. I was working through it and the RSO started coaching (which they’re not supposed to do and I hate). After I said “hey man let me work through it.”


@Kona some do that…they forget they are not wearing their “instructor cap” I guess…me I keep my mouth shut, don’t call misses, or offer advice!


@Turmeric1 exactly what @Johnksg said. That is sage advice. Nobody trained me how to compete. I’ve been trained in officer survival and winning a gunfight but these are 2 completely different animals. I’ve watched a ton of YouTube and practiced but I’ve only been competing about 18 months.


My favorite moment in competition came when I was doing a steel plate challenge between multiple bays. When I took off running I heard the RSO exclaim, “shit! Slow down!” (He never expected an old fat guy with a bum leg to sprint and shoot!)

I suck a speed loading a shotgun…I accept that.

I refuse to buy single-purpose race gear that I cannot use in the field or a true tactical situation and for that reason will not be a top finisher.

But I can surprise some folks, actually take great pleasure in it! I am fast double tapping machine with a small carbine like the S2K…that is my wheelhouse!

And that is a tactical shooter…the element of surprise! Having a skillset that is unexpected, momentum and adrenaline, and the right tool for you!


@Johnksg yep. I’m putting zero pressure on myself to be the best. I WANT to be the best but I’m prioritizing having fun and it’s paying off. This is my best finish yet. I started near the back of the pack because I didn’t understand the game and how speed relative to accuracy is more important. Accuracy isn’t out the window but shooting all As don’t mean jack if you took all day doing it.


@Kona I am all out of likes again! I am a good A-zone shooter, but tend to make mistakes on “my side of the box” (not maneuvering barricades properly or putting hits on non threats like the “triple drops” just because of adrenaline and tunnel vision…lack of cognitive thought.

But I know this and believe it down to my boots.

I have trained with military and LEOs, done the schools and shoot houses, been a bullseye shooter, qualified, etc.

But you hear the beep of the shot timer and everything goes out the window!

These are the skills that win a gunfight! It is also why my beloved USMC team could never finish in the numbers against a bunch of fat old guys! Lol

Get out of your comfort zone if you are serious about acquiring shooting skill.

Plus it is just fun to do!