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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


I would love to try this style of shooting but my bad back and nerve damage would make walking with out my cane and I can’t run but it looks like fun


The yellow color stands out really well in a black range bag. Easy to find :joy::beers:


Haven’t shot in over a month. Felt super rusty but pushed through a few boxes on this drill.


@Kona @Matt since I am brand new running PCC in small local matches (My threegun group just recently created a new “load-out” division.) I am wondering what issues those of you whom are more experienced with S2K are running into as your weapons get into the higher end round counts?

What parts are failing and what components do you recommend replacing specifically for PCC?


@Johnksg where I shoot, the majority of the stages are built for pistol and not friendly to rifle angles and such. It’s slowly changing but PCC is still snubbed by pistol shooters who don’t like/want change. Issues I’ve had have almost universally been springs and light primer strikes.


I’ve worn out a few ETS mags. That’s why I use them, relatively inexpensive to replace. All magazines will eventually break or give out after so many rounds. Buy yourself a good optic (higher end ) if you’re serious about reliability, holding zero, battery life.


Kel-Tec will warranty anything I break, Mcarbo will warranty anything I break, Holosun will warranty anything I break. Before matchs I try to look over the sub, run through make sure all of my screws are tight, muzzle brake is snug, optic turns on. So far it’s been successful.


@Matt I use an Aimpoint PRO I pulled of another weapon and have it balanced far forward to help reduce any muzzle “flip”.

I use standard Glocl 33rd magazines but am notice some plastic shavings near the feed lips…is that normal?

So far muzzle break has held, no need for shims.


@Kona same with my local group…range is designed primarily for shotgun and pistol. PCC is a huge advantage and while we have different divisions everyone is looking at the overall finishes.

Pistol guys are not happy and bitterly complaining!


@Kona what springs are you replacing?


Anywhere you go that’s not a PCC only outlaw match, you’re going encounter tight angles, in USPSA it is legal to attach a laser to a PCC rifle so that could alleviate some of the issues for @kona and @Johnksg .


For next year I’ll be adding a crimson trace green picatinny mounted laser. $75 off of that expert village site.


@Johnksg I ripped the OEM springs for MCARBO springs when I first got the sub. After about 5k rounds the light primer strikes became so unbearable I swapped all the springs out for a new set (trigger, sear, hammer). Pretty sure the hammer spring alone was blew out. My trigger pull was down to about 3.1-3.2 lbs. With new springs it’s about 5 lbs.


@kona Are you currently running a replacement MCARBO or stock Kel-Tec spring set?


@Kona @Matt thanks guys! I started with recoil components (MCARBO muzzle brake, heavy charging handle, and buffer). I wanted to keep weapon fast and reduce recoil for those 4" plates that we have to double-tap!

yesterday I ordered a complete trigger package and feedramp (the plastic one just bugs me even though has worked fine so far)

For the night shoots I mount a Streamlight TRL-2(G)

One thing I am noticing with the heavy charging handle is that my return spring is “loosing” up quickly.


@Wedge replacement MCARBO.


@Johnksg I have been through two 2 finger charging handles that have snapped. I’m on the recoilless charging handle now. It’s worked fine so far through a few 100 rounds but I could just as easily go back to the 2 finger.


Kona runs his stuff so hard he’s not just a beta tester… He’s a tester of destruction! :rofl:


@Wedge @Kona

That is exactly the person’s whose input I am looking for!

I am a little concerned with the return spring and the heavy charging handle. I have been running mine a month now and can already notice a difference in spring tension.


I also appreciate his efforts and reports on what this gear will take. I will never run mine as hard as he does, so I’m pretty confident my MCARBO stuff will last me a lifetime. :+1: