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Took my niece shooting for the first time today. She’s never shot a pistol before ever. Coached her up off camera and she was like a duck in water. You give kids a good foundation and coach them in a way that they can have fun and be successful and all they’ll want to do is come back for more! One of the best days of my life teaching her! I’m so dang proud of her!


@Kona that’s awesome man this country needs more of this props my friend


Shot the Tennessee state championship today, a few good stages I’ll share but I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. I’d like to really work on my stage planning this year.



How did I miss all these awesome videos before? Great runnin’ and gunnin’ guys! :+1:


@Wedge I think everyone’s experiencing a vastly different thread layout between mobile and desktop


I’ve actually never used the desktop version, but I (think?) I’ve watched every video on MCARBO Forum. Definitely the range videos. Unless there’s a secret hatch I missed somewhere, I’ve read every post on the site😊


@Kona Everything that I see on my mobile (Android) I can see on my laptop (PC) and vise-versa. I check out everything on my mobile and if it looks good (pictures & video) I go to my laptop for a larger view.


@dave67 the layout between my phone and desk top is drastically different lol


@Kona That’s interesting, the layout between my phone and laptop are exactly the same. :thinking:


Kona’ you looked good No doubt you will Achieve your goal’ :sunglasses: And as far as your foot work! I’m Going with ''Faulty Play Ground Surface Material !:laughing:


Okay @Kona I know you got some more videos to post for this weekend.


@Flogrown working some overtime for the next 10 days haha. No shooting anytime soon :sob:


I hear ya bud, My slow season is just now about to start so I will have more free time starting October


I’m shooting a big production match in November so October I’m shooting production. My pcc might be hibernating for a brief time.


I had hoped and dreamed of posting a PCC @Matt @Kona style range video from Carson City today but NO. Range closed red flag warning. So all sporked out and nowhere to go. All I got is this crappy indoor range video. But…

I cycled two hundred rounds between my SUB2000 and Glock 17, mostly the sub, using 115gr range ammo, laser and red dot sights. I have a Crimson Trace laser on my Glock. Sub ran flawlessly. I gotta get a magazine loader or something. My fingas is toast! You shoulda seen me trying to get them last twenty rounds down that big stick…:grimacing:

Besides sore fingers, eyesight is my biggest challenge. The lasers help keep my field of vision wide and downfield, but I need corrected to see the red dot or iron sights. I was almost to the point of why do I have this red dot optic on my gun? …until I changed the setting from circle dot to just dot only. Oh yea baby! That did it. Like cuttin’ butter. What was I thinking?? The circle was messing me up and just the dot made it so sweet.

That was at the end of my session, I just got a taste, but something to look forward to next time.


@Boomchucker Thanks for the video, was fun to watch. :smiley:



I love these UpLULA’s work great and easy to load.


@SwishaHouse They are great and easy to use. Love the color you picked.:sunglasses: Much more discrete than the black one I got.


That’s a wild color. Never seen one like that. Mine’s bakelite brown and I love it. Works great. :+1: