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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@Matt but does it matter if not classified?


Yea, that’s what’s going to give you your classification. The initial classification I do believe it’s 6 classifier stages and the best 4 out of the 6 are the initial classification. From there out it’s the best 6 out of 8


@Matt have you ever shot steel challenge? There’s one coming up next sat but I’ve never been. It says $10 for first gun and $5 for additional guns. I take that to mean I can shoot more than one? How does that work?


steel challenge is a ton of fun. The stages are only steel targets. PING PING PING. there are more diverse categories like iron sight pcc, .22 pistol and they’re all about speed. The stages are always the same 8 stages. The squads go very quickly so thats why most people shoot multiple guns.


Shot a 460 Magnum hand cannon for the first time today. Rattled my teeth haha.


@Kona That’s like the noisy cricket from men in black


@Flogrown I was definitely intimidated. I shot some 454 Casull with it too which was definitely less abrasive. The 454 was comparable to .357SIG imho. That 460 was just beastly.


@Kona I have a bad wrist from a dislocation I’m telling you that thing could probably pop my joint


I had earbuds in and it rattled my teeth😁


A local I used to shoot with always brought his 460 and his 500 with him to the range. He’d let 'bout anyone shoot them. He got great joy from the folks that declined to shoot the 500 after shooting the 460.


@Dred LMAO I’ll try anything once, if it does that to the person standing behind it think about the person in front of it, OUCH!:skull_and_crossbones:️:boom::exploding_head:


@Flogrown imagine it’d blow said BG out his sneakers.


Got some reps in today. Goal of this drill was to work shoulder transitions and also change shooting levels between and around barriers. I’ve been guilty of letting my barrel dip when swinging around barriers or when switching shoulders and I’m trying to break that bad habit.


@Kona Keep up the good work Logan.


Im really wanting to do some competitive stuff.


@KM55 shooting his 9mm S&W 9MM


@Kona No shooting this weekend?


@Flogrown hahaha y’all know me too damn well. Took the wkend off.



@Benny Thanks for sharing , good luck in future shoots :+1: