SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


2nd place boys! 2/56!!!


My only real hangup was stage 3. I forgot the order and wasted time. Not hanging my head though I’m still proud!


I thought about hangin one from a larger drone, but someone like me would have brain fart and shoot the drone down :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
we were on manuvers with STANAVFORCHAN once, and the Brits kept sending that drone out over and over and over and over, towing the target for 50 cal target practice,
after 6 or so hours of it, the “Old Man” came over topside speakers, “Free beer when we pull in to the man that shoots the drone down” Ya know if ya lead it just right, with a 50 cal, the drone is non retrievable when the pieces hit the water…


@GOBLIN Saw this in 66 with the deck gun practice Tonkin Gulf The Old man was not a happy CO’:rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Kona will I have video but it may be awhile till post it. Today was a nightmare. Even had to call that worst of DQs and unintended discharge with a shotgun. I am flat out exhausted.

To be honest there are too many new shooters signing up for a competition with stages way to advanced for them. I even made them redo stage 3 twice before I felt it was safe.

I ran all my stages clean, one was top score, but had that oops I forgot a target moment on stage one. LoL

Congrats on your finish…I see you beat Mike!


NICE SHOOTING…your monthly steel match looks lots more fun and challenging than my monthly steel challenge SCSA…this month I hope to go to action steel which has movement with fun toys like stars and such…I still need to post videos especially the 3gun which was a PCC squad. Loved one stage we started off in a car…I will get that up today if possible


ok FINALLY…snuck in some computertime on the weekend…
3 videos here

3GUN pcc division…used my PCCO or sub2k with the red dot

  1. Stage 5 Starting off in car…couldn’t get angles lined up from the car so had some wasted shots…then out of the car…had issues with the tree…(think it started off on the wrong side but whatever)…the star did ok on then had to hoof it some distance and play with a spinner which was fun…this was the last stage when the weather was 88 degrees and it was around 2:30 pm dead tired after being out since 8 but had a nice finish–

  2. Stage 3…standard mix of steel and paper…one bonus for 100+ yard shot…(may not be able to see but can hear the steel target) I missed (FTE as in did not engage) one of the steel square plates on the right side then fun at the wall some ledges and some holes…same target at 100 but now at 50-75 or so…

this one was the SCSA last sunday…using PCCI or sub with iron sites mcarbo peep and hiviz front fiber optic…
3) this was last stage of the day so I kind of said…that’s it…going to just move and speed it up…wound up shooting and not stopping…was weird as I actually felt one with the gun if that’s possible…pointed and almost didnt’ get sight picture…first of 5 strings was ok…the other 4 were sub 3.5 seconds which I was quite happy with…

ok whew…




@ammuzz enjoyed your videos. How deep was the bay you were shooting on stage 5?


Crazy distance from the car to the barrel Aaron. Lol also that RO should have known the COF if he’s gonna run it. He almost talked you in to adding time to your run. He shouldn’t be coaching anyway.


Don’t you hate when they do that? Especially when they don’t do it for everyone. :angry:


@johnksg the RO was a jerk about his muzzle too. “Watch your muzzle on the barricade. That’s what your hand guard is for.” Well, tough guy, technically you should be shooting off your barricade and not sucked up resting on it to begin with in a tactical situation. But in the competitive world there’s no rule that says your hand guard has to touch the barricade instead of your barrel. So back off!


U mean where the car was? Not sure to be honest

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@Kona Unless it is a free-floated barrel in a full shroud, then resting against a barricade will throw off your shots.

The RO did seem a little nervous in the service…but I don’t know if I would call him a jerk. Just confused?


@johnksg his demeanor was very Authoritarian


@johnksg maybe I just have a new found appreciation for how RO should run after going through the school. I guess it’s like being a cop and watching “Live PD” and screaming at the tv over how they’re doing things.


@Johnksg something didn’t load right brother


@Kona yeah it was sent to me as a google drive? I can see it but when copy link it does not work?

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Google drive only certain people can have access. @ammuzz is using google drive. Ask him how to do it.


@Kona I asked the guy who sent it to me to resend as a YouTube link.

Wife says I should buy a go-pro and a tablet better than my $35 Kindle. She is probably right.