SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


HMM great idea…never thought of that…currently using mcarbo peep sight and front post with fiber optic by hi-viz for $22 at amazon…if that raises the height I’m all for it…I have a pair of knockoffs I can use maybe I’ll try that next time…although…i absolutely love that you unfold the gun, and everything just works…the mcarbo sight is right there…the front post is there…and it folds…going with magpul or other buis even at a 45 degree angle would impede the folding capability…


Yeah don’t know what to tell you on that one except maybe cut the hinge and make it a take-down carbine? Still just as fast in my opinion and no need for an optic hinge mount.

Or just don’t fold it? Lol :grin:

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@johnksg I just re-read your earlier post about movement. I misunderstood what you said. You were agreeing there’s no movement and disagreeing about level of difficulty. Nevermind haha I’m tracking now. I just think the stage design is more simplistic with steel challenge and everything’s laid out right in front of you. No corridors, moving, hidden targets, etc.


@Kona no worries brother. To be honest it may be different in your neck of the woods as well. Around here they set up them challenges almost like it is a damn carnival! Never seen so much whirling, spinning, and popping!!:astonished:


@Kona @Johnksg thank you guys for the knowledge. I have found 2 clubs withing a 30 minute drive. I am going to check them out next week. One has an event this month and I don’t know yet if there is space for me to get in and the other has an early April event. I can’t wait. I will post my experiences. Thanks again.


@Gatekeeper find out if they are running SCSA matches, if so then like @Kona that may be the way to go. Those are pretty simple usually.

So easy a kid can do it.


@johnksg the carnival comment was gold baby, pure gold! Hahaha


@Kona Dang it I am all out of likes! You guys ever run in to that? These little Frankenstein matches? Where the guys have either gotten bored or simply carried away?

To be honest they can be a ton of fun as long as no one takes it to seriously.


@johnksg nah the steel match I shoot is actually kinda lazy. It’s the same thing over and over w minor variations.


I don’t think anyone plays by the rules over here (and I am just as bad). They love them poppers, texas stars, and mgm momentum targets. Toss in plate racks and clays on stakes…its a carnival!:joy::+1:


I have a shoot this saturday that I am RSO for, will see if I can get some pics for you.


@johnksg I like the Texas star it’s fun. I wanna try the megastar with two smaller spinners too


It is fun. I know the big debate about if you can’t calibrate it then it cannot be in a sanctioned match.

To be honest I think some of the matches have gotten a little to full of themselves and have forgotten the fun in shooting. (They forgot the tactical skill part looong ago!)


@johnksg competition shooting is the same as any other sport. When you involve money and some people doing it for a living the entire thing becomes tainted.


weirdest target, besides shooting skeet in between 2 floodlights pointed skyward,(southern midnight skeet shoot) was one where a fellow had attached a target, by framework, to a large RC chassis/car he plated the important areas…
that one was the devil to hit… no rhyme nor reason to movement, what ever he felt like on the joystick…


You know I have wanted to do that for years! (Range won’t let me of course…)


Do you think MCarbo would sponsor a match for the Brotherhood? Likely not in Florida as not everyone has the special license needed there. Maybe Vegas. What do you think? We’ll all be responsible for our own flight, hotel, and food. They just MCarbo set up an event and we show. Almost a customer appreciation. Think it could ever happen?


@Gatekeeper I dunno, anything is possible. Would rather see them sponsoring small, local matches around the country vs a big extravaganza.


We didn’t get that fancy, but we would attach a cardboard target in an old tire and roll it down a hill to practice shooting running targets.


@Texprep heard folks talk about that, never done it. I would love a carriage on tracks that I could control the speed to practice lead on laterally moving targets.