SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@johnksg I just finished my 2 day USPSA RSO school. Have to take the online exam whenever they send me the link. It was a LOT of information but a good class. :+1:t2:


@Kona good. Are you going to pay the $30 for the NRA certification as well?


@Johnksg at some point probably


Moving on up! Finally upgraded my janky comp rig I cobbed together a few years ago into a much higher quality Safariland rig. Really pumped!


Hello gentlemen and I use that term very loosely sorry I haven’t posted in awhile but I just did a steel challenge yesterday or was that two days ago since the pounding in my head from what I explain is still happening every now and then but to put it shortly I’m lucky enough to own 2 Sub-2000 one of which falls under the PCCO pistol caliber carbine Optics Division and that’s my fully MCARBO version with everything on there except the muzzle brake and then I have what I call my iron sights version that I just shot on Sunday 8 total stages and that is the PCCI pistol caliber carbine irons division.
This version has the M carbo trigger spring kit recoil pad cheek Pad but not things like the newer trigger bar and the magazine release it still functions beautifully I did not have one hiccup in all eight stages my issue is I also use the m-carbo Peep sight with a front post fiber optic sight and while I get a great sight picture one has to really push their cheek down deep in order to shoot it accurately and fast my issue is I do not have the M carbo recoilless charging handle on this one nor did I have the Kel Tec heavy bolt and was shooting 115 grain vs. 147 grain and let me tell you after shooting five strings of each stage somewhere after the 3rd or 4th strings my head was going bonkers with all that pounding physically… if I touch the cheekbone where I rested it it feels like it’s black and blue and very raw to the touch so I guess my question is if I were to add the keltec heavy bolt and the recoilless charging handle and shoot heavier ammo would that lessen the pain or is it going to always be there and I guess it really hurts when you’re doing 250 or 300 rounds in a 3 hour shoot but if you were to let say do 20-50 rounds it may not hurt so long much since it’s not many rounds at a time or fast anybody have an opinion on this as I actually find it very challenging and fun to shoot ironsight yes I am slightly slower but even though I hurt myself I actually shaved 6 seconds off my total time and actually did probably the best I’ve ever shot for all eight stages sorry for the long post


I will try to post some videos of some of my better stages

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I’ve thought about that myself. In a self defense situation where your shooting a lower number of rounds I’m sure mine would be ok. But, for firing that many rounds I was trying to think of a thicker pad material that could just be tied or strapped on for range work and then be removed for collapsing the stock after.

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Official like a ref with a whistle! Level up boys!


Nice job @Kona Soooo close to perfect. I have to ask, what was the 1 question you got wrong?
I must admit You and @Johnksg have me inspired. I am ready to grow beyond the range and the farm static shoots. I am definitely going to find the right local club and see if I can get in on an event. Maybe not competitive, but just for personal growth and it just looks like so much fun. Any advise what I should be looking (or looking out) for? Important things that should be included or avoided?


@Gatekeeper a ridiculously cheap one! Something about a competitor activates a swinging target with a stomp plate and breaks the stomp cable but finishes the course and wants a reshoot. 4.5.2 states that a competitor may request corrective action in a range issue and the range master will decide. I cited that and chose call the RM. 4.6.2 says a competitor who is unable to complete a course of fire gets a reshoot. The answer was deny the reshoot because he finished the course and cited 4.6.2 whatever im still incredibly proud. It was a 50 question test but took me 3 hours because of the substantial amount of rule citing required.


@Gatekeeper as far as advice start with some steel challenge. There’s not much movement you’re mostly standing in a box knocking down steel. Occasionally you might have to move to a second box but it’s real simple stuff. Maybe even go and watch a few matches first.


@Kona Nice job! Keep typing until 20 characters…


I have read many others complaining about the recoil so I don’t doubt you, but to be honest I do not even notice it. Now that things are starting to gear up again I average 2-3, 200 round sessions with my S2K a week and never had an issue. (I do not use the neoprene tube cover - that might help?)

However, whenever a student shows me bruising I usually take a close look at their posture and the fit of there weapon.

For example bruising on the upper bicep is a LOP issue. If it is the jawline the weapon is not seated properly to the shoulder, etc.


@Gatekeeper this is one of the few times I will disagree with @Kona. Steel challenges do not involve hardly any movement (what use is that?) but the difficulty level in some of the shots can be very high!

When I first start a student I keep it simple, I have them put up 3-targets (8" paper plates are perfect) then I have them practice moving and shooting between to positions. Very simple.

What we focus on is cadence and the confidence to shoot fast. It is a mindset to go from shooting bullseyes to “combat fugly” groups.:grin::+1:

That said a USPSA PCC division would probably be the easiest and cheapest to break into. (Stay away from 3-gun!) :astonished:


@johnksg the ones I’ve been to you shoot the stage from a stationary box. Occasionally you will have to run to a second shooting box. Steel challenge is a lot easier to get into than running and gunning in USPSA.


I think that is pretty much all there is to it. I was referring to the variety and placement of targets they use. A Texas Star can be kind of intimidating.

Honestly I believe in just diving in! Go do it, don’t have a lot of expectations, take your time and ask questions. I also agree with the idea of just watching, thats what my wife did the first time.


Thank you John I did say that it feels like it was bruised however it was not actually bruised maybe it just felt worse right after the shoot because while I was shooting it I think I was fine strangely enough it’s like I felt the pain but I was so focused on the shoot it didn’t register I’m thinking maybe to use something like paracord or some neoprene softer cushion on top that will still allow it to fold maybe not lock fold but fokd nonetheless something I have to play with because my times have gotten better and I want to continue going in this direction.

My LOP is fine I have no pain thank God for now with the buttstock it’s just where the cheek has to be almost like pushed down into the tube so I get the proper sight picture if you will


@ammuzz I would go with a holosight or red-dot on a riser. I agree it is a pain in the a-- to scrunch your fave down to use the irons!


oh for sure…in fact I use that…very effectively…I have to post some videos of me using it in some amazing stages that were really out there…but…I like to compete in PCCI (pistol caliber carbine irons) in the steel challange so that’s why I used it there…I also use the red-dot version and have none of the issues it’s only when scrunched down on that bolt tube that i have it…basically i’m moaning and growning and b!@@$ing and will continue to as my wife always says LOL


@ammuzz I generally shoot load-out division and go with a tac-op PCC and shotgun. (Can pretty much knock down anything our RM can dream up out to 50 yards with those two!

I don’t even have irons on my S2K, absolutely despise them!

But if I was to run PCCI then I would give some thought to pulling the irons and going with a set of Magpul BUIS sights. I know they have a shorter sight radius but I think the height would be better.