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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@Johnksg no idea brother but Todd Jarrett and Mike Valentine are national level beasts!


@Kona yeah I know about Jarrett, and if the schunk fellow is who I think it is then I am really impressed with you!

Keep it up Logan.:grin::+1:


@Kona. Curious, are any of your fellow competitors warming up to the S2K seeing how you are giving a former World’s Champion a run for his money?

Or do they still sneer and think all KTs are junk?


@johnksg nope nothing but nasty comments. I just laugh and laugh. I heard one guy talking about at bigger matches if they don’t like you or the gun you’re running they’ll find ways to DQ you or change your time. Definitely something to think about.


@Kona yeah I have had that happen. In the qualifier I picked up 19 seconds of proceedurals (I was 16 seconds out of 1st and had no misses).

At the next shoot they made about 80% of the course mandatory shotgun (even though loadout is supposed to let you compete with ANY two guns you want!)

Guys show up with their Sigs and other Custom AR builds and getting stomped by a feller like you with a $370 gun must leave some salt in their mouth! :astonished:


@johnksg I’m going to VA USPSA State Championships in Oct and I’m kinda nervous about that. Taking the janky Kel-Tec with me!


@Kona Logan go with the one that brought ya! Last minute changes equals disaster!!!

Just think how many rounds you have shot through an S2K by now. Shooting is tactile, competitive shooting is muscle memory, even small seemingly insignificant changes can have a big impact on your performance.


Nice vids…great shooting…state championship sounds scary and fun…i have never gone past a local match…bring extras of everything…charging handle regular bolt vs heavy just in case etc…


@ammuzz trust me I plan to bring extra of everything! Haha. I’m really nervous and excited too


What is your PCC USPSA classification…?


@ammuzz level C. I’m hoping to hit A by the end of the year. We’ll see.


Sweet…I have not been to many USPSA ahoots with pcc as i prefer steel and the local one are mostly paper…i am spoiled…


@ammuzz I shoot steel match second sat every month and USPSA third sat of every month. They’re completely different ranges though. Steel range is 10 min from my house. USPSA is 40 min.


My first PCC match Sept 2017. I was running Island View reloads and they had nickel plated crap mixed with brass that would choke and kill the Sub. I was slow and crappy shooting haha


@Kona good ammo is always worth the investment sir! If you are going to burn through so many rounds to make it cost effective I would suggest a Dillon progressive press…

Our local “pro” shoots 2,000 rounds a month and loads them all on an old Square Deal B.


@Johnksg I shoot Federal .115gr brass it’s $33.87 for 200. Way cheap and shoots great. I don’t shoot reloads very often anymore. I can’t remember if that Sub was stock or not either haha


Where on earth do you get that price?!

I pay $219 per 1,000 and occasionally $187 during a holiday sale. (Mostly Target Sports USA) for the federal brass, 115gr FMJ.


@johnksg Walmart lol


@johnksg if you do as i do and bookmark gun.deals (very bad for your wallet) there are some major rebates going on with federal from now until end of march and what is nice about the federal rebates is you can do it it all on your phone…take pics of items and receipts and use the online form to submit…currenntly u can score 115gr fmj for around 15 cents or less landed…i have neen buying speer lawman 147gr for 18 cpr landed with rebate…
Also 22lr and 223 rem as well.


USE CODE “MFV” THEN TAKE $20 OFF WITH REBATE SO IT’S $144.70 TO YOUR DOOR…YA KNOW…this is so good I may buy another box now…see what you are doing it to me…now to get it into the safe past my wife…
seriously though 14.5 cents after rebate or even 16.5 before is amazing see screenshot below