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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@Johnksg Thank you John I have to say that I was surprised that I’d actually hit it since that was only my second time using my new Sig P320 X5 which I have to say is it really nice gun I’m almost wondering what I would need to do to modify a sub to accept the p320x5 magazines as I don’t think they come from Keltec that way at all


@kona That is a very wise choice that is the exact same holster I used on my glock after I had it come out of the Blade Tech I’ve never had a problem since my issue is now I want to continue using my Sig P320 X5 and I cannot find a Safariland ALS holster for it that will allow me to use the optic should I decide to go into carry Optics which I would like to try… some friends of mine who work for three-letter agencies told me that the ALS is what they use on their battle gear and said things like I one time had to carry someone out of a really bad situation with that holster being upside down and nothing came out so he swears by it


I just got an ALS at work and that thumb release is so fast and smooth! Really blown away!


Great work to all who go out and do this sport!! I’d love to try but I have 2 issues. The closest range that has any shoots like USPSA are about 75 ++ miles away. The other reason is I’m a little scared to go out and shoot in front of a large group of people. I’d be nervous as hell. Afraid I’m going to make a mistake and get DQ’ed.


@smoke I was afraid when I started too and I just said hell with it I’m shooting for me. I don’t even think about the crowd behind me anymore. Everybody has good days and bad days. I can’t convince my wife to try it because she’s afraid too. Here’s the thing. Go to one match and if you don’t like it you can leave at any time. There’s a good chance you’ll get addicted though :+1:t2:


Thank you for the vote of confidence!!


DQs happen. Some RMs design their courses to intentionally try to get shooters to DQ themselves.

I don’t agree with that and as an RSO if I do not believe the course is safe then no one shoots.

I try to get everyone of my students regardless of their level to compete. The entire purpose of these competitions is to build skillsets after all! :grin:


Agreed… @Johnksg @Smoke I have been DQ’d and its all about learning and growing your skillset …if you have that mindset then all is good if you take it personally and argue then you are doing yourself in…


Yup once you get the hang of it is muscle memory and fast…


@ammuzz and @Kona Agree 100%. My EDC is an (evil) Blackhawk Serpa holster. I like where it indexes my trigger finger on the draw and I am pretty fast with it. I love the positive retention and have never had a single issue in five years of use.

The ALS and the Serpa is kinda like the which is better…mossberg 500 or remington 870 argument. Both are equally good in my opinion!


@smoke my very first pistol match. April, 2017. I gave up on a steel popper I couldn’t hit. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere man.


Running some heat checks today! Can’t wait for the scores!


@Kona Look how much faster you are moving and shooting compared to your previous video!

You have really come a long way! :grin::+1:


@johnksg yep! world of difference. I’ll pull up my first sub 2000 match and you’ll really notice!


@Kona I am just glad that cell phones and small video cameras weren’t around when I started out. :astonished:


@Kona by the way did I tell you that I finally broke the 3 second barrier with the S2K?

2.81 seconds, three targets, six shots, 15 yards away! :grin:

I know others can do better but thats good for me. And I did it twice out of six sets.


@johnksg thats blazing fast! One day I hope to run this sub like John Wick haha


@Kona well maybe hospital did something to me? Lol

Before my times were usually around the 3.22 mark when I was on my game. (Low ready safety on for start position).

It is my standard warm up drill, been using it for years. So I am kinda pleased with myself. :grin:


10/80 overall!!! 4/27 in PCC!!! 5/80 Stage 3!!! Hanging with some big big dogs!!! 2019 is my year!!! Let’s go!!!


@Kona is that K. Schunk a short portly fellow, built like a fire plug and with a receeding hairline?