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@Kona what type of holster? you never know what a holster is going to do till you hustle in it. my old shoulder rig for conceal, has went almost tits up, so i went ahead and ordered tha Spectre from gunfighters INC, www.gunfightersinc.com,

i already run their chest holster , the kenai, with my 44 mag tracker for hunting,I swear runnin the swamps, i could do a aussie style rappel and they revolver would stay in place. but when you need it comes out/draws slick with no hangup. been running it a year.

ROFLMBO yep, love a camera in motion. gives me a spectator angle to see everything im doing and the bike is doing after the fact. i can critique my own run, and see what i can improve upon. excellent camera, very minute amount of bounce…


@goblin here it is in all its glory :man_facepalming:t2: I’m running a CZ clone Tristar T-120 and they don’t make holsters for it so it’s in a CZ SP-01 holster which is a close but not perfect fit. I tightened the screws on the holster when I got home but I’m gonna have my buddy make me a custom kydex.


@Kona If its the tri-star im thinking of, its a copy of the CZ 75, but the IWI Israeli version of it the Jericho 941, gunfighters makes em to fit the CZ 75, if you call em probably the Jericho 941 as well.

www.zahal.org has em for the Jericho 941…fly in the ointment, would be they have 14 different variants of the 941 Jericho, have to figure out which variant you have a clone of…

working on em to make one to fit the Makarov, but they hadnt relented yet LOLOL but im patient…


@goblin yea Jericho 941, Baby Desert Eagle, Tristar T-120, CZ 75 they’re all the same gun with slightly different tolerances and controls. My buddy lives down the street and owns Huckleberry Tactical kydex. He usually hooks it up. I just never asked for a holster for this because I had it before I met him. I’ve never ran with the gun in the holster either. Lesson learned lol


ROCK :women_wrestling::men_wrestling::men_wrestling::football:


The same exact event occurred to me on my first or second 3gun match…Using a glock 19 in a bladetech offset holster…screws were not that tight either…after that I only use retention holsters if i am shooting more than one gun…
Currently on safariland ALS system and trying to find one for my new go to pistol the Sig P320X5 that will have an opening for a red dot…

For your gun you may want to look at the houge universal holster as its completely open but it will not work for the carry optics division which is what I need for my sig…but in a 2 or 3 gun match it should work and its around $70 or so vs the fancy race holsters that cost double and more


Here are some links to pricing


@ammuzz thanks brother! It was absolutely crushing as i imagine yours was too. And of course I was having a great match until then. Another guy came up to me and mentioned SL ALS retention too. I use retention holsters all the time at work so the ideas not bad.


Here its less not sure what they charge in freight
Pt# 00500


Yeah and I was doing so good after that I was killing it in shotgun I actually had gotten a twofer and then as I was running my foot pushes the holster and because it wasn’t tight enough the gun fell out I’ll see if I could find my wonderful video and post it it was great and yet humiliating at the same time


What I do like about this Hogue is it’s really Universal you can use it for 1911’s 2011’s Glocks cSgs and youre TriStar and it does have a decent retention and it’s not that expensive versus the ALS you have to buy one for each pistol…


@ammuzz I felt it shift and come out and thought it was a mag in my back pocket so I kept running and then when I heard it hit the ground I knew. Short term memory though. Not gonna let it beat me down. Josh Tarrant is one of the best pro shooters in the world and it happened to him last year.


I hear you its humbling for sure


So here is a video of a steel challenge that I go to which is focused on pushing you more than the regular SCSA and possibly USPSA…if you notice the targets are smaller (I had some issues with those 3in wide vertical plates) and there was a 75 yard stage that had to be done with your pistol…
so after you go through the 5 stages doing it each 5 times you have the gauntlet which is doing all five stages at once…there are a few things that can stop you, one if you cannot complete any one stage you have to fire until done… and on the 3rd stage there is a tiny target right in front of a red no-shoot automatic end of stage if you hit it…thank G-d I did not but it was worrisome…on the fifth stage there was the 75 yard target and when we did the individual 5 strings I only hit twice and timed out at 30 seconds the other 3 times…on this gauntlet I amazingly hit it after 3-4 shots so I was really pumped about it…overall my time was 59.99 seconds and the timeout was 100 seconds…the top shooters did 42-44-48-50-52-54 or so…I was just happy to have finished since I had major issues hitting the 75 yard…I was using federal’s syntech 150gr so after my 5 strings I realized the drop would probably be more than say a 115gr at 75 yards…in any case this was also only the second time using my new Sig P320X5 it had only 70 rounds through it before this…and I was getting used to that front sight…
all in all it was amazing fun and challenging and I love that they do this shoot to focus on accuracy as the largest target was really small in comparison to the scsa 18x24



@ammuzz nice that last one looked a mile away haha


@Kona aint that the truth. you never know what a holster is going to do or not do, till you “work” it hard. i got the box of shoulder rigs as well that fit me fine, but, under duress, either flopped around to the point of beating up your ribs, OR crawling under somethin flop away and hang up, or making a fast move or turn, you would feel the weight shift, and grab and hold like a gal with a busted bra strap, to keep it from bouncing off the steel, or concrete your on…
if im running a belt rig, I run a dropleg arc-angel. cant do a high ride, got some “challenges” to over come to use em. the arc-angle retains good, and hunting in a blackwater swamp, you dont hear a" thud", you hear a" sploosh" then ya gotta strip down, and dive for it , for about a hour, depending on the depth, then ya goota scoop the leaches off, and it becomes a vicious circle…
been there brother…:smiling_imp:


YUP 75 yards…with the sub I would have hit it…with a pistol…not easy


Just getting those reps in outside in the freezing cold.


@ammuzz Aaron I enjoyed watching your video and was really impressed with the 75 yard pistol shot (I doubt I could have made it!)

Our local group is splitting with some wanting to stay with SDMG and others wanting to go USPSA. :disappointed:

Personally I would like to see us return to 3-gun and the longer, more varied stages, but that ain’t happening.

@Kona you know the one holster I absolutely trust and have used for many years is the SERPA holster…unfortunately since that idiot shot himself and posted on youtube many competitions and even FLETC wont allow them!


@johnksg upgrading to Safariland ALS