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My goal this Sunday is to try to do all four would be okay with 3 in that 2 seconds or under 2 second time I will be using 147 grain vs the standard 115 and I hope that my heavy Bolt from Keltecic along with the recoiless charging handle will cycle effectively I will be bringing 115-grain as a backup just in case



Had a heat check today boys. My best match to date! Wasn’t perfect but was damn good! Can’t wait to see the scores!


@Kona As usual, nice shooting! Keep up the good work.:grinning:


4/58!!! I’m so damn proud!!! I’ve worked so incredibly hard for this! From the ticky tack issues to the people talking shit about Kel-Tec, all the training I’ve put in! It’s unreal!


@Kona Way to go Logan!:smiley::+1:



As you should be, hard work usually pays off at some point. And I’m glad to see you doing it with a carbine that apparently is not to popular and you proving these “haters” wrong. :+1:


@chrisnelson id probably come in 1st with MCARBO logos on the back of my shirt! :joy::wink:


@dave67 I hear it all the time brother. Some dude today didn’t think I could hear him but he’s like “Yea that’s a Kel-Tec. Cheap gun. You can tell he’s done a bunch of stuff to it. That’s definitely not a Kel-Tec barrel.” I just laughed to my buddy. It’s an aluminum barrel shroud hahaha! Whatever makes them feel better. It felt good cooking em all!


Congrats Kona…I forgot to post to the group my range time last Sunday the 6th…
I am happy to report that the gun ran Flawless with not one hiccup using the 147 grain from Speer Lawman along with the heavy Bolt from keltec and the mcarbo recoiless charging handle Etc in fact I had my most accurate shoot ever on all eight stages in one day for a steel challenge. I Dropped a total of 5 Seconds from My overall score which is a lot for one day match. Sadly I didn’t do it as well as I would have wanted on smoke and Hope and as it was unseasonably cold here in Florida where we’re used to the Heat so it took time to get warmed up and that was my second stage I seem to do better on stages 4 through 8 for some reason. In 2 weeks i will be doing an action steel match with some run and gun hope to have some vids from that one…


here are the links to 2 stages of our last action steel match kinda similar to kona’s but different with all the barriers and having to reach out and shoot around them or walking and shooting which for me is always difficult but actually did it in one of these…and then the good ole spinning tree…took a few shots for the last one…but oh what fun…hoping for more of this goodness on the 27th.


ALSO in the running and gunning video you can see my “range bag” another thing I love about our sub is even though I’m shooting 8 stages…I fold it every time at the box and unfold it with my bag so that is all I need to bring with me versus the 3gun cart or other carts…people always ask um, what are you shooting and I point to the bag and they are like huh ? we even came up with a name called “there goes aaron building his plastic fantastic” as I have to unfold and then bring the MI mount with the red dot out and then put it all away again but in general I am pretty competitive with the guys shooting JP ar’s pcc that cost $2000+ or sigs etc…so yeah…
to me, the best part of the sub is that its not just a “comp” gun its a SHTF/Home Defense all around gun so what we are learning on the match is solidifying our skills for the real world if needed.


@ammuzz are you running a camera on your rifle? Edit: never mind it looked like you were.


Sorry for not responding promptly…i have a Baseball Cap Mounted camera…all the pros seem to use it as its so lite…and it has functions specifically for shooters…here is the link…its expensive but worth it…


How would you quantify “quickly”?


Braved the cold for some comp


13/66 buddy! Stiff competition so I’ll take it! Climbing the mountain! My last few matches I’ve continued to improve and that’s all I can ask


Created this public account on Instagram to document my shooting adventures. New content dropping Saturday. Give a follow @pccuspsa if you’re keen.


Had my first DQ today. Was on a 2 gun stage and running from one rifle position to a second rifle position and my pistol went flying out of my holster to the ground. Never happened to me before. I Israeli draw my pistol when competing so chamber was empty is about the only good takeaway. Went home and tightened the holster screws.


This little Runcam2 is awesome!