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Thats were I would start to look first! In diagnosis of the problem.

I only reload my own long tested and trusted rounds…but my S2K eats nothing but a steady diet of federals and speer.

Stupid crazy accurate at 25 yards.:grin::+1:


@johnksg my red dot was not secure and flopping around. It wasn’t the ammo.


@Kona well that will do it!:astonished:

Family will do their traditional christmas day shoot at the range tomorrow…I probably won’t go (be the first time I have missed one). :angry:

But I am loading mags and getting everything prepped and ready for them.:grin:


Happy Holiday for 2018 to all folks…This is my first real post…Kona I really want to thank you for posting all your stages and will try to go through some of mine I did this year. Your training stages really gives one something to think about.
I love doing the steel challange (scsa) with my sub and am only 3.5 seconds (just did a match earlier this month and shaved 4 seconds on 1 stage) away from being an A level shooter with my MCARBO2K.

Way back earlier this year sometime in february i was doing a steel challenge with my older Gen 1 Sub pre-mcarbo config but it had a bolt-tube cover with iron rear notch sight and a fiber optic front sight from other mfrs. I kinda really did well with that gun and then upgraded it through the keltec gen1 to gen2 upgrade but in this video it was a cowboy or outlaw stage to keep things running and it was all steel and we had to start with the sub at low ready with no mags…mags at the table and a required mag change…I actually did this quite well for me (i’m sure others can or would do it faster) but I did it cleanly with no misses that I can tell and the longest time was insertion of the mag and racking the bolt and setting up the second mag total time was around 19 seconds for 15 targets.

Enjoy…I will try to find more vids of shooting more action steel where we are moving etc…let me know your thoughts…and again this is all iron sights but enhanced and not as far distances as you have posted in your shoots.




sorry technical difficulties on the video link hopefully you can access it now


@ammuzz I can open your link. A big :+1: brother!


11 rounds 25 yds benched. Tungsten grey sub. Fixed the red dot and hopefully it stays in place.


@Kona meh, you got a couple of flyers! :grin::+1:

Not to bad for an army guy though!


20 rounds off hand at a nice steady clip 25 yards. :+1:t2:


I forgot my shot timer but still tried to make the best of it. Trying to get faster with my subby.


for those that shoot a lot…here is a good deal on “dirty” but great priced ammo…my sub never faltered on this stuff
just posting a great deal…no rebates


when you get to checkout…type “take15” and it will be $152.99


MY FASTEST TIME SO FAR done in july in really hot weather…Steel Challange Smoke and Hope…this was a non-mcarbo triggerized sub…so it had the red-buffer and the bolt tube cover but factory trigger and the midwest industries swivel mount with the holosun red dot…my best time on these 5 targets was 2.4 seconds…after these last two shots and with the great coaching of the RO we got it down to 1.98 seconds for 5 shots-5 targets.
Planning on going to a steel challenge this sunday and hoping to beat that if possible for 4 strings…
Camera used was my hat mounted Thackyon…not the best sound on it but it keeps up.
let me know your thoughts


Got a few mags in with the niece before the rain scared us off :+1:t2:


@ammuzz watched your video brother, you are getting right with it!:+1:

Best time for me was 2.33, now I am inspired to go practice a bit more when I get better.:grin:


@Kona Now thats a good uncle! (And a niece)

Last time I took my nephew shooting he disappeared…found him in the truck with his cell phone.



@Johnksg lol that sucks but funny how you said it :joy:


Keep going brother we are only limited by how far we can push ourselves


@Kona yeah the son of my brother the LEO…my kid loves being at the range and running against the timer even with a bolt action .22!

My nephew not so much.

Kid is wearing his hair long and always preaching how cops are bad (besides his dad his stepmother is an LEO as well).

We don’t invite that side of the family to dinner or cook outs!


@ammuzz you are 100% correct sir! Other than some board meetings and RSO briefs I have not been out shooting for a month and it is driving me crazy!

I miss practices, teaching, and competition!