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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@Kona I keep mine tuned for 12 yards for SDMG. It is tight at 25 yards but has to be sighted in for the match you are shooting…gets hard to run Kentucky windage on a red dot!:grin:


@johnksg I rush jobbed a loose 25 yd zero when I rebuilt the gun. I’m gonna take it to the range tomorrow and try to tune it in tighter.


@Kona yeah you gotta sneak out the day of a match and rezero for your match ranges. IMO

Thats difference between finishers and also rans. :grin:

Being a “senior statesman” of the sport(s) does have some advantages…this guy is in his early 30s looking to make the next level.

I just wish the various organizations would not make it all so danged complicated! Lol


I enjoyed watching your videos…keep it up brother!:grin::+1:

Maybe I can get you some minor sponsorship? Won’t be much at first of course…

Sponsors look for “exposure” in the old days that meant high standings in matches wearing their shirt & logo. These days it is the number of “followers” you have on YouTube and social media.

I do have some old connection with US optics, Savage, Walther USA, Vortex, and OR3GUN. Keep posting videos! :grin:


Well that explains yesterday. 3 rounds benched. 25 yards. Sigh.


@Kona do you think it has to do with it being slightly crooked like you said and after a few boxes it rocked loose?


@flogrown it’s got a ton of play in it right now and rocks back and forth.


I’m not gonna be able to fix it and sight it in today, didn’t bring any tools with me. Sight is flopping around like a dead fish.


@Kona You got the issue figured out, at least that’s half the battle. :+1:


Rounds to the right are trying to fix my grey sub. 3 rounds in bullseye are my black sub 25 yards benched.


@Kona just a thought, I know you want your sub as light as possible and don’t fold it alot. Have you considered running the Kel Tec subcompact handgaurd with just a barrel clamp style pic mount for your dot


@flogrown haven’t thought about it interested.



His brother will have to make a longer metal barrel shroud? :thinking: I did not know Kel-Tec even made that.


These are 124 gr. handloads my buddies rolled. Black sub 25 yards benched 5 rounds.


You could do two clamp mounts one for optics and one for a foregrip down the barrel


@flogrown well I’m no longer interested hahaha


@Flogrown I don’t think that would work for how Logan holds his Sub. To help stable the Sub he gets his left hand out towards the end of the full length hand guard as a lot of shooters do. It’s an interesting item, now cut that barrel shorter and it might look cool. :thinking:





Brother … google “barrel harmonics.” Where I can avoid hanging or pulling on a barrel, I do.

It makes little dofference at CQB range, but them harmonics can throw things off down range.


@Dred I would have to agree with you…I put one of those barrel clamp bipods on a rifle one time, worse thing I ever bought…took it right off.