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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@flogrown “a fast C is better than a slow A.” The name of the game is speed and accuracy with speed slightly trumping accuracy. I’ve been the most accurate shooter in a field of 90+ and finished almost dead last. Be fast and “close enough”


@Kona I mean I guess that’s cool but to finish in the back while being one of the most accurate isn’t very rewarding in my book.


@Kona What do the other guys run? Are you in the minority with the sub?


@Flogrown Hope this helps?



@flogrown yep nobody shooting sub. AR, Ruger PC9, dominate. It’s funny two guys running PC9 today had problems galore. My little janky sub ran butter smooth. I’m the only one I’ve seen running sub and the most comments I get are “what is that?” And “I thought Keltec was junk”


@Kona hahaha that’s funny… I actually like that you are the only one rocking the MCARBO Sub out performing the others. Props my friend keep the videos coming


@Flogrown and @Kona I get the same comments at 3-gun. But so far my worst finish was 6th in the load out division so they don’t say that as much anymore.

Of course they say (well you been doing it for 30 years…) No credit whatsoever to the weapon.

Problem is there is a very STRONG bias in the competitive world against KT.


I like having and using stuff nobody else has. I want them to turn their nose up at my choice so when I beat them it stings that much worse! Muhahaha! :smiling_imp:


@Kona their biggest laugh is my PCC wont even fit in the impound rack…I just smile and built a small one that only mine will fit in!

(I do the range improvements) lol


@johnksg you guys have to bench your guns? Ours stay with us at all times in a range bag.


@Kona yes we are very strict about that in DMG. Had to many problems with new competitors wanting to show off their “toys” behind the firing line in the action bays.


@johnksg we show up in bag. They stay in bag until on firing line and your turn. When done firing they go back in bag. Chamber flagged at all times as well.


@Kona the nature of defensive multi gun sort of precludes that. We have six covered action bays and ranges, each bay has two ranges. We set up a clearing, cleaning, loading, and test bay. There I give the safety brief. From there they move between the bays and stages and must place their weapon in an impound rack as they wait their turn.


@Kona one of the neat things about DMG is the scoring is simple. No major/minor power, just hits and time.

The wild part comes by what the RM decrees to be a “hit” it may be a double tap to the A-zone of the “head” of an IDPA metric target for example.

Add in static clays, steel poppers, texas stars, mgm momentum targets and lots of barricades and it can get pretty challenging! (Ever try to clear a texas star that is behind a barrel?) :open_mouth:


Sure everyone has seen this by now but just figured I would bump this thread and have a laugh for Friday


I did my first and second LTC classes at that range. Great score by the RSO, but they are rarely near the line - they are generally in a room watching monitors until somebody tries to shoot past their rental time. There is almost always a line to get a lane there.


Little 2 gun match today. Fun stuff :+1:t2: Struggled from distance all day though :man_shrugging:t2:


@Kona way to rock it Logan!

Had a new, up and coming shooter approach us at the board business meeting wanting sponsorship and to bring USPSA events to our range…

He reminded me of you! He has Walther sponsorship so I lead the board in approving him.:grin::+1:


@johnksg appreciate it brother. I had a rough day shooting past 25 yards. The subs just not built for that in my opinion. Such a drastic drop in accuracy. I was kentucky winding it all day!


I spent all weekend going through the 113 pages of USPSA 2014 rules for pistol plus all of the additional addendums…

PCC is one single page!

I wish tactical shooting organization would keep things simple and practical!:angry: