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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


@Kona I still have to figure out how to do it myself. :persevere:

But thank you! Kid can work the bolt pretty fast! (He shoots on timer like everyone else.)


New sub ran perfect today! I had a bonehead stage 1 and shot the stop plate before engaging the dueling tree so that should pretty much kill my day but the sub ran lights out! Several people came up asking about the Keltec and MCARBO. Good stuff! Was shooting .147 gr. reloads my buddy made.


@Kona You are seen at a lot of shooting events by other shooters it seems by all of your video postings, why would Chris not be dressing you in MCARBO gear to advertise?..shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, range bag, etc…even Kel-Tec might want to get in on this. I would think just another way to get product name out there for little cost from seller.


@dave67 I imagine when I start placing then the calls will come in. Fingers crossed anyway!


@Kona when you start placing the price will go up! Lol

Thank you for the videos, I enjoy watching them.:+1:

@dave67 Most sponsorships are nothing more than a t-shirt and maybe some gas $$! :grin:


I’m so depressed. I finished in 129 seconds with a 45 second penalty for that tree. So 84 seconds give or take the time for the tree. 10th place was 90 seconds. I could’ve been top 10!!! :sob::sob::sob:

Edit: I went back and looked and they gave me 30 for the tree and 10 and 5 on 2 other stages. Either way :sob:


@Kona But you are out there doing it and trying to better yourself at it and for that I am impressed, love your videos. Don’t be so hard on yourself, take a break…Army is beating Navy right now! One hour later…ARMY WINS!


@Kona thank you for sharing the videos so I can live vicariously through your shooting. It’s nice to see the S2k hit what it’s aiming at,not like when I shoot it.


@godallmighty oh come on haha


I get it…next to last shoot I was 16 seconds out of 1st and had 19 seconds in penalties and ended up in 4th! :rage:

Next shoot I calmed down…ran every stage clean, but slower. Ended up in 3rd.

…sigh one of these days I will get my act together!


@Johnksg I just want one perfect day no issues. This new sub knock on wood is running way better than my old sub. What’s funny is the red dot sits crooked because of the flex in the forend but it’s dead on lol


@Kona well we all want that one perfect day! But its like golf, few ever achieve that!

Glad to hear the new S2K is working out. Are you gonna change the forend?


@johnksg nah it works who cares if it sits crooked lol


@Kona. Uh…I would? :open_mouth:

But you are looking good brother! I think all of us here are proud to see you representing!


@Johnksg @Kona I for one am proud. @Kona your my boy blue


@Flogrown dude is it me or did I hear “jingle bells” when he shot stage 3? :grin:


Hahaha. @Kona could probably make it happen with some different size plates.


I just wanna shake it off and get to next wkend USPSA. I hate not being on range.


@Kona you know what I love about the PCC division is all you need is a chamber flag and shove a mag in your pocket!

No batman utility belts loaded with expensive holsters, holders, Carriers, clips, inner belts, outter belts, etc. :+1:


@Kona you make me want to get out and try this myself I have no training whatsoever but from what I gather a faster B is better than a slower A. Isn’t that how its scored Shots on A B and C? And time?