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SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


Nice you put another Atibal on that one too?


@Flogrown my favorite glass. One day I might get into the high end stuff but Atibal is working man stuff I trust. Mid tier but def not bargain basement.


@Kona Not trying to wreck the thread but are the triple a batteries a problem? Isn’t that what it takes?


@Flogrown I’ve never had a problem with them and I always keep a pack in my range bag anyway. They last a good while and I usually put a fresh one in every few matches/ range trips anyway.


Kenny I got mine and it works like a champ.


@dave67 this is from about a year ago. SIG P229DAK .357SIG. 5/6 on two 9 inch pie plates at 25 yards in under 10 seconds. Sorry about the showboating. I was competing with a buddy and got pretty hyped up lol


@Kona Nothing wrong with showboating if you can back it up, life is short…live it, love it.


@Kona was fun to watch…but why do you shoot so slow? :grin: :+1:


@johnksg this guy…lol


@Kona Yup, one of these days will have to get you to the coast!

In the meantime I need tech support to make all those cell phone vids jpeg. Is there anyway we can configure the site to take cell phone videos?

I am a happy techtard!


@Johnksg Mr Cuddles , try this web page for some ideas how to convert your files.

I have not tried any of these , but it should help you to figure it out. Questions, i’ll try to help.


@Johnksg you ever going to brake down and take that cell phone out of the drawer?:thinking: LOL It’s super easy to upload a video from a cell to YouTube then just copy and paste the link in the chat box you can just call it a camera instead of a phone


@Flogrown I actually had the kid use the phone the last time we were at the range but It said I had to convert them to jpeg?

Never used youtube except to look a shooting videos and reviews…so I am kind clueless! :astonished:



@Kona was trying to download a video…for some reason got just a single frame? Grrr!


@johnksg just create a YouTube already lol. Upload the videos unlisted so nobody can see them except here. Do you have an iPhone? I literally take videos with my iPhone, upload them to YouTube, and list them here in under just a couple min.


@Kona I dont trust all that social media jazz! Want to maintain some privacy…besides its new and new things frighten me. :scream:


@Kona it says samsung? Must be korean!


@johnksg try emailing them to me and I’ll upload them. I can’t promise there won’t be a degradation in quality through transfer though. Example: If I text an iPhone high quality video to a Samsung, the Samsung will display it in the poorest video quality available.


That’ll be $5, Marine. No checks, I’ve been burned by your kind before…