M*CARBO Brotherhood

SUB2000 USPSA PCC & Range Videos


Another 200 rounds through the MCARBO2K. This gun just runs lights out. Easily my favorite gun to shoot right now. Feel free to post videos of your range time as well.




Not the Sub2k but it is full auto Friday. Sig Sauer MPX 9mm full auto SBR coming at you hot and fast!







Had a few ticky tack moments that kept me from having a great run today. Couple light primer strikes, poorly managed reloads, and a few times the recoil shut off my red dot. Other than that I shot well and had fun.


@Kona Hell, I liked your shooting! Primer problems on factory or reloads?


@Don68 factory federal brass .115gr. Don’t know what the issue is but happened twice. Forgetting to reload and the light shutting off piss me off worse though haha.


competition shooting will absolutely destroy budget optics…Buy once, cry once.
i strongly advise you get a belt as well. We dont reload often with pcc with the exception of classifiers, but still, classifiers are the stages that matter!


@matt Eh I don’t care that much. I have a setup from shooting production for a while. I’ll never be competitive with the fastest guys so I’m not even gonna put the pressure on myself. I just wanna have fun.


@Kona Great stuff Logan! That looked like a lot of fun too - you are really putting this little carbine through it’s paces. :+1:


which red dot are you using


@km55 Atibal MCRD Pro.


It started pouring rain at my range today so while we were waiting for it to let up, we started shooting from under the range house. Went 3/5 on a 9 inch steel pie plate at about 60 yards with my K2 .45. Damn if that delayed smack on the steel isn’t cool with those fat slow .45 rounds at distance haha


Bangin a little steel popper about the size of a piece of paper at 60 yards.


@Kona Good shooting Logan!