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SUB2000 Upgrades: What Have You Installed & What’s Your Opinion?


@GL9CK I use all of the above except the heavy weight bolt, I also have the muzzle brake. There is almost no recoil or muzzle flip. The reports I have read about using the heavy bolt don’t seem to say anything about it not cycling correctly.


@godallmighty I thought I read at one point that Chris uses the heavy weight bolt in all his test S2K’s.


@dave67 even 9mm? I figured it would choke it out.


@dave67 I’m not sure. Have to wait for the rest of the Brotherhood to chime in. :smiley:


Can anybody chime in as to whether or not the 9mm S2K will function and cycle normally if I use the MCarbo recoilless charging handle along with the Kel-Tec brass heavy weight bolt?


The trigger spring package, cut the pull by 50%.



Thanks for the welcome. Funny thing on installing the parts, I have to get the gun first. My Sub-2000 has been on order from one of my local stores and has not arrived yet. But, I decided to go ahead and get the parts since the sale was great. My gun will be here this weekend and I plan to pick it up on Sunday. My M*Carbo parts arrived today, so I know what I am doing next weekend…


@GL9CK, don’t have the heavy bolt but early results from the handle point to 1"+ drop and twice the flyers


How would a different charging handle cause those issues?


It’s the heavier recoiless one. Takes more energy to move it. Anything that takes energy away from the back of the bullet will affect the bullets flight; it’s what makes single shot and bolts more accurate


Im going to a range day hosted by my local gun shop and sponsered by Christiansen arms and hornady. I was cleaning up my sub and thinking about actually shooting it off a bench when i remembered i had this old scope. It was on my old model 94 before my dad gave it to me. I put it on his jc higgins .22 until i got my mossberg .22, took it off and it’s moved around with me ever since. First time it’s been mounted in 30 years.

Im wondering if the ejecting cases will clear it


I have the 40 and 9 Gen 2 … I have to the heavy bolt in the 40 and the recoilless charging handle + the buffer … I can consistantly place all my rounds inside a 3in splatter at 25 yds without a problem … Drops at 100 yrds is expected as you are using a hand gun round that doesn’t develope the same amount of kenetic energy as a rifle round would …these items have reduced the recoilless effect in the 40 … I personnaly don’t need additional buffering in the 9 …


@Firedog Thank you for that response. I have the .40 and have fired it with the recoiless charging handle, bolt buffer and muzzle brake with no change in accuracy but I have since added the heavy weight bolt and now was concerned with what Gilligan369 was saying. The whole idea was to reduce felt recoil and not accuaracy, now I feel better.


I also have the muzzle brakes on both … I swapped the front sights out for red Lion sights and put in the trijicon night sight posts … rear is the metal MCarbo sights …


I’m new to guns so I don’t know, but that still doesn’t make sense to me. I’m trying to wrap my head around your theory.

The gun would cycle slower with a heavier charging handle and the bolt would move less/slower when firing, but I don’t see how that affects accuracy.


@Firedog I did the MCARBO rear peep as well and white chevron front post with upgraded stainless front sight pivot block. I usually am a big fan of optics but really like this iron sight set up.


Is the white chevron something you bought at Mcarbo?


Mcarbo definitely needs to make different types of sites other than the ones we currently have tru glow sites or tritium sites I perfer iron sites red dots and scopes aways can fail


@davidcpa135 Not MCARBO, got it online at Blitzkrieg Components. They have many front site post options that will work on Sub-2000.


just ordered a kit from you yesterday - looks handy and about what i try to keep on hand for most of my Kel-Tecs - will also come in handy in the unfortunate event of having to do an early repair


looking forward to getting the kit!

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