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SUB2000 Upgrades: What Have You Installed & What’s Your Opinion?


I did not replace the trigger bar as it was functioning without any problems.


All of my stock parts functioned fine, but that’s not why I replaced them. They’re called upgrades. :wink:


As soon as that email goes out for the trigger bar, I’m all over that😁


It really improved the trigger feel on mine, especially with the greatly reduced takeup.


I’ll bet, I’m pretty stoked about the trigger bar!


Received my Pro Performance Flat Trigger Job Bundle, Single Point Sling Mount, Glock Extended Mag Release, and Stainless Steel Feed Ramp with Polishing Kit today. Spent the last 3 hours polishing the feed ramp, looks real good. Now I’m waiting on the email so I can order the trigger bar. Gonna go ahead and order the notched rear sight, recoil buffer and buffer tube cover also. Might as well do it all at once.


When unfolding, it doesn’t lock completely into one piece. There is play when i move the forend while holding trigger grip. It must’ve been blowing off the recoil gas and wasn’t working the bolt all the way back causing 2 ejection hangs in one mag.


@Gilligan369 Do you have oe trigger guard?


Yes, I’m waiting on the trigger bar to do a trigger kit/bar and switch from multi to glock.
Im about to open it anyway to clean and see what’s going on.


I would check to see the wear on the 2 polymer lock up areas and tighten up the screw that’s holding the trigger guard, have you done the upgrade for the screws and pins that keep the 2 grip/mag well pieces together? If you’re changing all of those, parts it should fix your issue. If it doesn’t, it’s the barrel😲


Make sure your barrel connection is torqued to spec.


That’s part of the planned overhaul. It felt loose before, i stripped and cleaned and it seemed top lock better. Stripped and cleaned it again after this and it didn’t help


What I’ve seen so far. Doesn’t seem to be a big difference switched over but by the video, was the guard spring in backwards?



This is how it looked after splitting the case


Looks like the lockup for on your 2 piece grip might be a bit shallow where the barrel locks up to, hard to tell from pictures but it looks like that might be your problem.


Craaap, i don’t want to take the forearm off again. But im pretty sure i know what you mean, l think I remember the nut not being flush against the piece.


I did not have any issues with my installation and the lockup is really solid, I am guessing but is there a possibility when installing the spring in the trigger guard it was installed backwards? I recall a warning in the video about this but do not personally know the outcome.
Let us know when you get it resolved.


It can’t be the spring because the 2 halves won’t even seat if the spring is backwards


This is the first time I’ve split the grip. Im leaning more towards the barrel not aligned correct, maybe to far in. Didn’t know the forend held the barrel nut. The forend actually came lose on me couple weeks ago after i hung a reflex.
Cleaning everything at the moment, I’ll adjust barrel after assembly