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SUB2000 Upgrades: What Have You Installed & What’s Your Opinion?


No there is a detent on the cross pin to the buttstock on the Gen 1 that holds the pin in place when you pull it out, but to remove the buttstock the pin must be pulled out most of the way but not all the way, I goofed and pulled it too far and the detent and spring came out and I lost the small spring!
There is a video on Utube about this and I made the ultimate mistake, now I need another spring.


Oh, sorry, I have no experience with the gen 1, don’t I just feel ridiculous…:roll_eyes:


Don’t feel bad I had to do a lot of research to find it myself! :innocent::blush::slight_smile:


Well, I almost lost the detent on the safety, I watched the video twice before I started and was watching as I was working on it, and as I was trying to hold the detent pin in it slipped in instead of out and fell in to the inside of the mag well, luckily I was working in a clean environment for a change and found the pin and spring, I got lucky this time but I think I’ve figured out what to do now, so next time I won’t have that problem… Hopefully.


@ChrisNelson how about an oops kit? The little springs and detent or should I be asking keltec for that stuff?


I have written to Kel-Tec about my error and requested parts. Awaiting a reply.


Keltec sells them and they are a buck each. I bought 2 spares of each one.


That is probably a very good idea.


Thanks guys, I have written to kel-tec for parts,



Trick I use when dealing with the little springs and detent is to loosely wrap a towel around the area I’m working on. In the event the spring and detent go flying, they get caught up in the towel instead of launching to only God knows where.


I believe you I learned my lesson late .


Trust me, there are little spring and detent pieces, c-clips, etc. in cracks and crevasses of my gun room. I too was a little slow learning this trick. Seems I always would find the parts or spent primers from a few projects back but NEVER what I was working on that day.


I think that’s a really good idea. We get requests for the spare parts all the time. I will look into what we can put together.

It really would make sense.


Only 2 more days, I can’t wait​:confounded::crazy_face:


Will the trigger guard help with the lock when unfolded? Jinxed myself on a post about stove pipes, think my problem is a weak seal


@Gilligan369 What do you mean? My trigger guard actually hangs up a bit with the aluminum, gotta use some authority when you lock it to get it to snap but I think it’s due to the higher rigidity which I like, also I think it may be because mine is basically new… When I get the trigger bar, I’m gonna lube everything up on the inside so maybe it will smooth things out a bit.


When it snaps open, still had a bit of play between the two halves. Loaded another mag and squeezed the two together and no problems


@PhilOwens Did you also install the trigger bar? To me, the metal trigger and the trigger bar made the most noticeable improvements by far. I got to test them individually since I had the metal trigger installed before the trigger bar came out, which I installed later.

As for the metal trigger guard, mine won’t lock into place unless I really snap the rifle open, which I don’t like to do. I just unfold it, push the guard up and it locks in place. Not really a big deal to me if it breaks in further or not.


@Wedge … My trigger guard behaves as you describe. But before the recall, it operated as designed. When I got it back I noticed immediately - first thing I did was unfold it.

It is a barrel fitment thing. Basically, they returned it with the barrel lock nut stuff screwed tighter. It’s not hard to loosen up so the trigger guard works without authoritative suggestion. But, it doesn’t bother me and somewhere in the dark corners where I rub brain cells together. I figure tighter is betterer.


Tighter is better, I tightened mine down too much, so much so that when I was loosening it up a bit, it started sparking.