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SUB2000 Upgrades: What Have You Installed & What’s Your Opinion?


@godallmighty Looks like quality work. Have any pictures of it with sling in use? My only experience with slings is a single point with our duty shotguns, which is ideal for transitioning to a handgun. I might see if I can make MCARBO’s work with some modifying, but if that fails I’ll probably have to go the two point option.


Dred … I stand corrected it is a Bushnell … works great … have one on my 9 and 40 …


Did the mounting of the fore end QD socket require removal of the fore end? As to the rear, what was that mounting process?


Could you provide the make and model #'s for the QD mounts. Looks great and may be the solution I’ve been looking for.


@Dane No removal of the fore end is needed to mount the QD socket. It was very easy to mount on the rear. Pick a spot, mark the holes where you want it , I mounted mine on the strong side so it does not get in the way and hangs better , drill and mount.


@Dane You can use any one you find on the internet. Here are a couple of links.

Also there are a lot of you tube videos out there to see how to transition from rifle to handgun when using a 2 point sling


Thanks for the info will definitely be incorporating those mounts on my Sub2K. Regarding transition to handguns, 31 yrs in LE, twice through SWAT school, I’m good to go there.


Well after my second 2FCH went down I said heck with it and bought the RCH. PCC Saturday so we’ll see how it goes.


I have it on mine and I love it. I have had 0 issues so far. For me it really helps. I still carry the original just in case… Good luck this weekend.


@Kona Good luck in the match this weekend.:+1:


@Kona, good shooting this weekend. Im hoping to try it for the first time in a week or two at a local gun club. The nra championship is coming up not too far from me and want to go spectate.


Cheap mod for everyone! I wanted a rubber buttstock for my sub 2000 and saw that there is 1 made for it by someone for @$60.00, sorry it’s no go on that! I have various Magpul stocks on most of my m4s. So I have a lot of stock m4 buttstocks kicking around in the spare parts bin. I built a beater test lower and wanted a rubber butt pad for traction, so I bought a slip on buttpad made for the m4 by pachmayr @$15 vs the no names at $7-13 which people complain about being too hard or smelling bad. They are held on with flaps that wrap around the flat plate of the stock. :exploding_head:On a lark I tried it on the sub 2000 and it fit!! You just have to cut out/off a notch of material on the top to allow the front sight to fold into it’s cutout! I used outdoor double-sided tape on the flaps to secure it. You can also use silicone glue or pop rivets. Works great and looks like it was made to be there!


This one?

Pachmayr at Amazon

I’d love to see it, Can you share a pic of your install?


I would also love to see, if you have a before picture even if it’s a stock pic and after install, that would be awesome


I just installed a CVLIFE Bi-Pod on my Sub 2000, 9mm. $16.00 Amazon. Going to the range this weekend to try it out. Most of the reviews are favorable on this bi-pod. It should make it a little easier for my wife to shoot the Sub.IMGA04981 IMGA04991


No pictures, we want to see what it looks like


Here’s a pic of a Harris bipod on my S2K 9MM. Bought this bipod to use on a TC Conder pistol probably 30 years ago.

Now most of its use is the S2K or AR.


I went to the range last Sat. Shot 150rds of 9 mm out of my Sub 2000, and 75 rds. out of my Ruger AR15, both equiped with a CVLIFE bipod. No issues at all. Good $16.00 investment.


All Things SUB-2000!
I just completed the installation of the trigger kit on my Sub 2000, trigger pull after completion is 6.5-7#. I did make a mistake with the buttstock and lost the spring to the detent on the takedown pin, wow that rascal is a real pain in the butt!
I followed along on the video if the installation and the remainder of the installation went great.
I didn’t realize how dirty the interior of the gun had gotten but gave it a good cleaning.
Now to test it on Wednesday at the range!!!


There’s no detent on the buttstock…:astonished: You mean the detent on the safety?