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SUB2000 Upgrades: What Have You Installed & What’s Your Opinion?


Well so far i have changed out the charging handle (who wouldnt) tube sleeve, Mcarbo muzzle brake, great job on that guys, and just installed my new feed ramp, trigger bar, pro trigger kit. Used the very detailed instructional video (although i did curse you a couple of time Chris) and after about 2 hours of what i thought was a sloppy install job on my part, took it out to see how she ran…VERY impressed! I even bump fired it a few times (yes you can bump fire it)…ran flawlessly! Thanks guys


Ok … I gave my “just one thing answer” earlier in the thread. I figure I should add a complete list, but I’m lazy.

I have installed the entire shooting match except: 1. extended mag release (large hands, so don’t need), 2. muzzle brake (already had one that I’m happy with before M*Carbo released their goodness, 3. the 2 finger and skeletonized charging handles 'cause there wasn’t room after installing the recoiless, and 4. the notch site; cause I’m a peep sight type of dude.

And the original post asks for my thoughts. I think M*Carbo took a utilitarian rifle that I would use if I had to take out a bg and transformed it into a rifle that is accurate and fun.


Pro trigger kit with flat trigger, trigger bar, feed ramp, recoil buffer, heavy charging handle, muzzle brake, tube cover. Held off on extended mag release but may change that some day.

Shoots like a dream. Haven’t had any malfunctions after 3 range trips and probably 400 rounds.


Here’s one you may not know about…
If you’re looking for a handgrip for your Sub2K, check out the Hogue Beavertail Handall for the G26/27. It was the perfect shape for my gen2 grip, but looked a little small. Took a chance and ordered one for $11 and it fit. Heated it in boiling water and pulled it over the handle. Didn’t use plastic to slip it on, just stretched it without much of a struggle. Beavertail fits perfectly, room for two fingers and the third rest on the pinky extension on the magazine. A good solution if you want some traction on the grip.


I didn’t really see a one size fits all thread for your current upgrades and mods and if there is one then feel free to close and combine this. My Sub 2000 currently has the following:

MCARBO Parts: Lifesaver recoil buffer, performance trigger bar, performance trigger, performance spring kit, aluminum trigger guard, extended magazine release, two finger charging handle, sling mount, muzzle brake.

Tacticool buffer sleeve, custom barrel shroud, Atibal MCRD PRO red dot with riser. Just ordered Atibal sun shade adapter.

Also just ordered MBX Extreme Mini Glock Extension Basepad +47. Can’t wait for it to get here and will post review.



Magpul AFG and 45* mlock offset, tacticool tube, going to swap out the multi-mag for glock23, bic lighter mag release spring swap, and have a red lion front flip sight on the way.
M*carbo muzzle break(sweet), trigger springs are in but I’m still waiting on shipping for the full swap, think I’ve ordered more but i can’t remember


can’t wait for your review


That glock mag looks ridiculous & fun. Wonder if there is anything similar out there for the sig 226?


I know and shoot with adrian and the MBX guys and they are awesome people. (they just moved their headquarters from CA to Tennessee! kinda hard to sell evil hi cap mags in CA) I use the mega and mini extensions, love them to death. The MBX products function perfectly, even on ETS mags. Adrian trys to get me to ditch the sub for an mbx pcc. they are slick but out of my price range ($1600.00) X_X


@Kona if you’re gonna stick them on factory glock mags though, you may have to chamfer the bottom. search Adrian Cobb on YouTube or MBX and he’s got very simple and easy tutorial videos on how to do it. If you hear a guy from new zealand talking you’ve found the right videos. :slight_smile:

here it is


@Matt yep seen the vids when I was researching them. :+1:t2:


Completed the trigger swap with the new bar, trigger, trigger guard, and stainless feed ramp. Changed to the glock 23 grip with m*carbo screw/pin set and extended release. UTG foldable grip and just installed a Red Lion flip front sight.
All the new parts on and in the grip has taken even more slop out of the action, trigger snaps even better and i am chomping at the bit to get out tomorrow to dial the new sight in.
Mr. Nelson, i again want to pass on all the compliments people give these parts, this forum, and the overall enthusiasm i have for your company. From the guys at the gunshop to the grizzled old marine who regularly comes in to the restaurant after the range or a match, they all commend the quality and customer care
Keep it up, good sir!


What can I say. I love living in Canada. Being an immigrant, I actually choose a country to live in, and I’m still happy with my choice. Canada is awesome in many ways.

But we can’t have more than 10 rounds mags, and it really freaking sucks! Even if it does save me some money on ammo :laughing:

I’m jelly.



“Can’t is a quitter who won’t try.”

Hahahaha I grew up on hearing that phrase. But seriously, dont break the law. :joy:

Mag restrictions are so stupid though. Just more liberal think-tank bs.


Kona is a free dog living in a free state and she approves this 47 round extendo! I’m gonna test it out for her in a few. :+1:t2:


Well that was a bust. Thought I shaved the inside of the mag enough but I didn’t. About 3 rounds in the follower got hung up and choked out. Gonna head to the house and shave it down a little more.


Browning Laser Fore Grip 2


Almost entirely MCARBO’d (trigger/guard/bar, brake, lifesaver, heavy charging handle, tube cover, feed ramp, pins/screws), 45 degree offset with TRS-25 on a riser (perfect for my crosseye dominant self), Magpul AFG, TRL-4 laser/light combo. Since the MCARBO sling mount doesn’t work with my Sub due to a weird nut, gotta figure out a sling option.

Pretty happy with it overall, first big gun project.


@Firedog … you sure that Browning isn’t a Bushnell? Just asking 'cause it looks like Kel Tec designed it for the Sub 2000 and I know how to find the Bushnell. I’ve actually been watching for the green laser version to hit the streets since some time last year. I put the red one on an AR Pistol I gave my dad.


@TheThreeLaws I mounted a QD socket on the butt stock and a m lock QD mount on the front hand guard . Works great, well balanced. I seem to like the 2 point better than 1 point.