SUB2000 Upgrades: What Have You Installed & What’s Your Opinion?


have you read the threads on polishing the inners and such ?

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I was searching for that but I must have overlooked it as I was thinking that was the next step.


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3 threads to read How low can trigger pull be reduced
reducing trigger creep
polishing parts.

How Low Can Trigger Pull Be Reduced?
Polishing Trigger Parts (Hammer, Sear, Trigger Bar)
Trigger Creep Elimination

Start at the top of anyone of those threads and you will have a lot of reading to do.



I’ve been on the road for a few weeks and had a stack of gun parts awaiting me when I returned home.
Among those were M*Carbo Recoilless Charging Handle and Recoil Buffer, and the p226 catch kit from Kel-Tec.
It sucks having one 10 round Beretta mag to use. I have several p226, 15 and 20 round mags.
Just installed all this morning, except the new locking pin. I tried, but had to walk away from it for a bit.
I watched the video and followed Chris’ directions, but still can’t get it to line up and drop in.

I was also playing around with a AR-15 flash hider that I removed from my AR, looks cool on my sub.
It’s just for fun and looks until I get the muzzle brake from MCarbo. That’s my next purchase.
Along with the M
Carbo bolt sleeve cover and maybe the heavy bolt from Kel-Tec.
I’m wanting the trigger bundle as well, and I think that will be all for a while.

One other item I had waiting here at home was a cool looking buttstock that I thought about modding to my sub.
I don’t have it figured out yet, but I really haven’t put much time and thought into it.

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I think I be completed every upgrade that MCARBO offers for my SUB2K, thinking of getting the brass bolt from KelTec.

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Installed Midwest Industries’ Gen2 SUB 2000 Mini Picatinny Rail Optic Mount. Had to do some trimming on the M*CARBO Bolt Tube Cover because of a clearance issue while folding gun to storage position.



Here’s an example of what not to do



I’ve posted the progress of installing the buttstock I mentioned above, in this thread.

It’s going quite well, I can get on the sights, and it feels pretty good on my cheek.
I’ll post here when it’s done and all the MCarbo parts are ordered and installed.



Been looking at those on Blitzkrieg, how do you like the triangle? And do you run the MCarbo rear peep sight or original?



I forgot about this post. I got all MCarbo parts installed and tested.
Except the new buttstock pad and the tube cover, both ordered and shipped.
I’ve also bought and installed new furniture, black, with the compact forend.
I’m still toying around with the original furniture and the butstock mod.
I ordered the gen 2 black forend from KT, as well, just to have on hand.

Love my S2k, and all the MCarbo upgrades.



Well, it’s the 15th of April and taxes done and filed with monies sent out. Now, treated myself to some S2K upgrades with a recoiless charging handle ; recoil buffer ; tube cover; and the newly released MCARBo Buttpad …in my favorite color of course , Scary Black! Had to get 1K rds of 9mm and 223 for testing this spring. Because the Best things in Life are, …Girls, Guns and trucks that all run fast! :vertical_traffic_light: