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SUB2000 Upgrades: What Have You Installed & What’s Your Opinion?


I’ve installed : The muzzle break, the recoil less charging handle, the rear open sight, the metal feed ramp, the performance trigger bundle and the recoil buffer from MCarbo … This was installed in a 9mm Gen 2, Glock …The recoil is notably less … The feed ramp has no problem feeding FMJ, Spear HP and Hornady Critical Defense … The Trigger pull was reduced from 9.5 to 5.5, which is about what a standard Glock comes with which adds in increased accuracy … I added to this the Red Lion front sight with a Trijicon Dot tritium post, a Browning Low Profile Laser Fore Grip and magpul rubberized covers … Without the use of the laser, I was able to place 72 rounds ( 4 mags) of various types of ammo, inside 3 inch splatters at 25 yards … Need to still test fire on a 100 yard range, would like to reset the laser for 50 yards … In my opinion these upgrades were worth the price . I am not a fan of scope type optics so I don’t use a Red Dot… I wish that I had also ordered and installed the new trigger bars, which are always on back order … I will also be making these same upgrades to my 40cal Gen 2, Glock … I already have a KelTec heavy bolt in the 40 for reduced recoil, so I am excited about being about to add these other additions …

Sub 2000 rubber buttstock
Installed my trigger bar
Just bought everything for the Sub-2000!
Amazon Bi-Pod Installed on my Sub 2000
Sub 2000 current mods and upgrades
Completed installation of Trigger kit
Broken Charging Handle

As a new Sub2K owner, I didn’t plan to order much to start. But everything I read made ordering the Bolt Tube Cover and Recoil Buffer a no-brainer. So I placed the order Friday afternoon and received an e-mail early Saturday (like 12:57 a.m.) that the order already had been shipped by First Class Mail. By today, Monday, the Order had been delivered to my home in Louisville Kentucky. I don’t know if the USPS hitched a ride on the UPS jets that use the Louisville hub or what, but that is on time delivery. Everything installed without a hitch thanks to the clear videos. Thanks guys.


to expand a little on this threads question. for those who have added several/many upgrades to their s2k,
If you had to chose one thing, what do you think is the single best improvement/upgrade you have made and why.


If I were to only have one upgrade, I would have to choose the stainless steel feed ramp.


@Omnivious really. that’s not what I would have expected.
Although there wasn’t any one thing in particular I did expect, that wouldn’t have been my first guess. Very interesting. Just goes to show the quality of this forum and the incite of our members.
thanks Bob :+1:


The feed ramp is a very integral part and the part that is most likely to fail, I can’t think of any other part that is as integral in the functioning of the firearm.


One thing … ouch. Well, the plastic trigger was a goner from git. You left me with a whole lotta shopping to do.


yeah, i agree there. the plastic trigger is pretty sad to be sure.


I’ve installed pro trigger job, ss feed ramp trigger bar, recoil buffer recoilless charge handle muzzle brake and ati silicone butt stop pad and red dot only got left is the sites to change or modify never had any issues with her from day one loved it from the first day I asked to see her she a s2k in Glock 40 sw


Just received & installed the skeletonized charging handle for my Sub2K. Already a world of improvement, much easier to charge and far more comfortable! I’m sure I will be ordering more upgrades in the near future.


Well, it’s just how I personally categorize upgrades. Feel free to disagree =)

Essential parts: feed ramp, trigger and trigger guard.

Shoot better parts: Springs, trigger bar, muzzle break.

Comfort essential parts: Rear sight and silicone cover.

Comfort not-so-essential parts: recoil buffer, heavy charging handle.

Might-as-well parts: extended mag release.

Sling mount is might-as-well for me, but I’m sure it’s more important for others.


Well Put’ I myself kept waiting for the (Big Snap) on the Trigger Guard, You Nailed it on the Upgrade list’


Yes, well put indeed. I completely agree. Chrome dont get ya home.


The trigger kit. That polymer trigger was horrible and would actually flex when I pulled. My trigger pull results were similar to an earlier post…10+ stock down to a hair over 5. One thing…when I first changed it out, I got a ton of light strikes. Like 10 in a happy stick. Primers were dented. I put the original hammer spring back in kept the MCarbo sear & trigger springs in. Cleared the light strikes put still had the lighter trigger pull.


Just bought my SUB2000 in OD Green and yet to do any modifications on it, but plan on doing the trigger enhancement kit with trigger guard, magazine release, trigger bar, metal feed ramp and muzzle brake.


@partsed Sounds like you have a good plan. You might want to get the Recoilless Charging Handle and the SUB-2000 Recoil Buffer to go along with your muzzle brake to get rid of most of the recoil. :+1:


yeah I agree, the trigger flex is abysmal. that’s good to know on the light strikes. I remember some mention of that in something I read a long time ago. I dont know if involved any new parts or not though.


Forgot about the buffer and was thinking that I would go with the skeletonized charging handle.


Installed: Pro Trigger bundle, SS feed ramp, Rear folding sight, Trigger bar, Recoil buffer. Now I feel like the S2k can be depended on. Trigger bar provided much less slack and reset; trigger pull down to 4.5-5 lbs. Really crisp and smooth release.


I do depend on my s2k to go bang Everytime I shoot, but I wouldn’t put my life on it quite yet… I need proof for that and failure is not an option, I put my life on my shield everyday because it has proven to be solid over years, as much as I love the s2k, I don’t mind having it camping and such but I will have either my sig or cz or my shield for back up in case it fails😁