M*CARBO Brotherhood

SUB2000 Shell Deflector For Lefthanded Shooters


You will enjoy the deflector.


Key thing is actually having a heat gun…kinda sucks and something I won’t be adding to my cart. Meh


It needs to be preformed. That is one of the items I put in my review.


Hey lefties - here is your deflector install vid. @Aravena - you can use an oven also…



Yeah, saw that. Seems…practical.


I have had a couple of issues with the shell deflector and my shell catcher bag. The MCARBO deflector is awesome but it would cause shell casings to hang-ups with my shell catcher bag attached. I decided to try something so I made my own making it slightly bigger. Tested it today and no issues. MCARBO first, My bigger unit second.