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SUB2000 Shell Deflector For Lefthanded Shooters


For all the lefties the shell deflector is available. I ordered mine and will get a review on it as soon as I get it in.


@KM55 well that was introduced to no fanfare lol. Looking forward to your report.


It was sent in an e-mail earlier today.


just ordered mine to keep the Peace!


ordered it the day I was notified availability, should be here today or tomorrow :wink:


Hmm, other lefties have problems with ejected shell casings? I’m not seeing the need for this, but that’s just me. Heck, I have more trouble with our Sig P238 hitting me in the forehead with spent brass than our S2K ever has.

Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas


Called MCARBO today, was wondering why I hadn’t received my email with shipping information. It’s been 4 business days. Was informed they make the deflector in house and it was expected to ship today.


I ordered mine and 1 for my daughter…


Are you both lefties. You know left handed folks are the only ones in their right mind.


I am dedicated lefty, my daughter is ambidextrous…


Tell her to keep using both hands. That is a skill that is hard to do well and easy to lose. I know I am starting to train myself again to use both hands.


People ask me all the time if I am all right . I tell them the truth !!!
The truth is I am not. They look at me in disbelief. Then I put up my other hand and tell them.
I am only half right. The other half of me left.


lefthanded living in a right hand world LOLOL only one i have trouble with on a fast load shoot repeat is the Winchester lever guns, but i think everyone has trouble with them…


I have had my deflector for 3 days and haven’t had the time to get it mounted and shaped. It looks good and shouldn’t be a problem to install. Just need time.


I finally got time to work with the shell deflector.

my first impression was why isn’t this already molded for install. not everyone has the desire to work with kydex.

no instructions shipped with the product a separate email has a file to download for instructions.

The install was easy with a heatgun and molding the kydex wasn’t hard to do.

The finished product is good and still allows for folding the S2K.

There are two areas that will need to be ground down so they don’t rub on the trigger finger or the thumb. Minor fix. both attachment points where the screws hold it to the firearm. the tabs are a little bit long and rough. I figure a Dremel and a grinding wheel and all will be good.

Overall I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. it’s definitely better then nothing at all.

I will give a shooting report when I get back from the range on the 18th.

It does remind me of the prototype I sent to Chris but way better built.

IMG_20181105_114924068%20(640x480)%20(640x480) (upload://mnbDiXHLbaQPchZEFJmPTotYFsW.jpeg) IMG_20181105_115014622%20(640x480) ![IMG_20181105_115021352%20(640x480)|640x480](upload://uTZRXQYRUQ1JofGXkoEnb IMG_20180726_234040157_HDR%20(640x480) mEBMjN.jpeg) IMG_20181105_115033371%20(640x480)


@KM55 Any interference when operating the safety?


No issue with the operation of the safety


Went shooting today and the shell deflector worked like a charm. No fte or blowback. It’s a keeper.


I’m a lefty and got tired of the unburnt powder and sometimes an ejected case hitting me in the right cheekbone. So I drilled and screwed a plastic rectangle on like a crude AR15 case deflector and that worked - kinda.
MCarbo’s kydex case deflector is the HOT TICKET! installation was easy but you have to keep re-heating with a heat gun to mold it correctly.
Once installed, no more crap hitting your face. Home Run, MCarbo!


I just ordered one. The S2K is the only gun that gives me (a lefty due to medical reasons) a hard time. Most other guns not much of an issue. Thank you MC for the fix.