SUB2000...Serious PDW Or Just A Range Toy?


Not to get to far afield on this topic, but everyone of our children when they have grown up and moved away from home gets a couple of basic items from my wife and myself:

  1. A compact, fully equipped bugout bag with a sturdy field knife/hatchet.
  2. An Ifak
  3. Plate carrier and body armor.
  4. A .30 caliber rifle (usually .308) because what we a civilians lack in rate of fire we can make up for in range!

Why do we do this? We are not preppers, and we are not part of some radical militia. But we do firmly believe that being ready as CITIZENS is an important element of our republic.

I hope that day never ever comes, but as a student of history I have read about what happens to a population that cannot defend itself. I believe that the “family” must aways have the means to survive.


We’ll said sir. I carry a Glock 17 as well as my S2K in my GHB everywhere I go in a vehicle. I live in a fairly safe suburb but my business is located in the 3rd ward of Houston. Ever heard of congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee? 3rd ward is her district, pretty much a ghetto. The business next to mine has been robbed at gunpoint twice. For awhile I carried an AR and a Glock. The AR was difficult at best to tote in and out of the vehicle everytime I got to my destination. When I first saw the S2K I knew it had a place in my GHB. The ability to fold, use the same ammo and mags, and the ability to give me more range and accuracy than just the Glock pistol made it a no brainer for me. On longer road trips I still will carry an AR or other weapon platform with even more range but because of what I stated above, the S2K is ALWAYS with me. So far, it has never failed me so anything short of a full fledged war, I’ll continue to trust it for self defense.


@Texprep sorry she is your rep…that lady is crazy!

I agree with you and why I was the OP on this thread. The S2K fills a defensive role that is important to me as a civilian. It significantly extends my capability beyond that of a pistol and can be “low profile” were few other long guns can claim that aspect.

Is it a combat weapon? Well no,but if it is in my hands defending my life or property when I need it when perhaps more capable weapons are at home…well then I guess it is at that moment!


SheJack is not my representitive, but she does represent the district my business is located in. I vote and live in a very conservative district about 25 miles south. A lot of my customers are near my business so it made sense to locate it here. Where I live is the polar opposite and I chose to live there to raise my children. Good schools, home is out on a dead end road with very limited access. It was and still is a very safe place to be.


@Texprep sorry I did not mean to ruffle any feathers. I apologize if I took you out of context. I just misread your post on the first pass…but lordy that lady gets under my skin! How we as a nation can have leaders such as her is beyond me.

I was stationed at FT Bliss for a year as part of a marine detachment. I love the folks of texas that I met during that time. (Its where I started getting involved with cowboy action shooting!) Lol


Don’t worry, you didn’t ruffle any feathers. I just didn’t want to be misunderstood. Your right, that lady is plum crazy. The district was actually created years ago to concentrate the ghetto liberals for her while at the same time creating 3 solid conservative districts.


@Texprep yeah I love texas, my kind of folks…but I still steer clear of places like Austin!


I agree, around here Austin is called the San Francisco of Texas.


@pyrat169 You are right about the Air Force tail and chow, I was in the Army but because of my MOS I lived and worked at an Air Force Base…it was like being on vacation from the Army.


@dave67 Kadena AFB was amazing to a bunch of dirty marine ground pounders…I remember being asked, “how would you like your steak cooked sir?” When we ate at their chowhall!


@dave67, Johnksg, Pyrat169,
You guys are cruel. I can’t count how many times I ate canned searats warmed on the engine block of our patrol boat. Here I thought the Coast Guard had it good.`.


@Texprep You had a warm meal! I can"t remember how many cold MRE’s I ate. Cold beenies and weenies the worst, no wait…it was all bad.


@Texprep @dave67 @pyrat169 …ah the days of cooking a meal on a hot engine block!

Best part of c-rats, k-rats, and later MREs was all of the trading and dealing that went on! Lol


@Johnksg, @dave67, @Texprep
Careful ya’ll, you’re gonna get me off topic again. I can remember one time on border patrol in Germany and having cold boned turkey c-rat for my Thanksgiving meal.


@dave67 Back in the late 60’s we eat c rations for all our meals for about a year. That was not fun at all. Will continue this over in the military stories topic.


@VAbowhunter see new thread that @godallmighty created, lets move the conversation there and let other folks get back to talking about S2Ks! :grin:


@Wedge I have the PMR30 & CMR30. Thousands of rounds through both. Only once a broken firing pin on the PMR30. Factory warranty sent a new to me with no problems. Because of the Kel-Tec reliable I have had with both, I decided to go with a Sub2K for my BOB. I JUST picked it up yesterday. Spent last night reading manual and field striping and lubing parts. I have not even had chance to fire it yet. I am counting on the same reliability and accuracy as I have experienced with the CMR30. I can group the size of a hamburger patty at 75 yards. Living in a Suburb of Chicago it is difficult to find a space where I can exercise at 100 Yards. Kel-Tec reliability, for me, is excellent. Speaking Range-wise that is. I do not have a ranch nor do I bang it around in the mud and grime.


@Gatekeeper I think rim-fire weapons just naturally have those issues.

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I do not have a military nor LE background. I am just a “Regular Guy”, who wants to protect his family and property if TSHTF. Since I JUST picked up my Sub2K, part of my prep-work is checking out the modifications and improvements that can be made. What a blessing to find this site and you guys. Thank you all for your knowledgeable insights and thanks to MCarbo for what look like great products. I am going to get going on my upgrades ordering tomorrow. I need something to go into the 5-day family bag, and Sub2K is the perfect fit. For the same reason I bought the CMR30 because it uses the same ammo and magazines as the PMR30, (Both are just range toys because the ammo is economical) I bought the Sub2K because it uses the same magazines and ammo as my M&P9. Economy of equipment and resources.


It’s a range toy at this point until all the Mcarbo upgrades are installed and tested. It’s competition for PDW in this house includes a Ruger PC carbine and a AR9. All using Glock mags! Keep in mind for armoured opposition you need a centerfire rifle round PDW.