SUB2000...Serious PDW Or Just A Range Toy?


I agree that feed ramp. I haven’t upgraded yet I just had kelp tec send me a new one back in February but every time that bolt cycles I have mental pictures of the hairline fractures in the one I replaced. That is my next upgrade


I think the Sub 2000 has the potential to be a serious personal defense weapon. It doesn’t have enough use to compete with a Glock, Sig, AK 47 etc. In addition, the gun has a history of recalls which has tarnished its reputation.

I have a little over 800 rounds through my S2K with no FTF, FTE or light strikes. It is my primary home defense gun with Glock 17 as backup. Increased muzzle velocity, easier for my wife to shoot, easier to run a 33 round mag, easier to shoot rapidly, multiple sight options, reliable and accurate. All that said, I wouldn’t use it for defense without my G17 as backup. It is my favorite range toy.


@Scooter I agree that it has the “potential” but not sure it is quite there yet!

Broken charging handles is still one issue we are grappling with. Like @Kona does, you could carry a spare in your range bag but that does not work for a defensive scenario.

The weapon also needs to be a bit more modular for field stripping and cleaning, and some critical parts need to be redesigned.

The good news is with MCARBO and this forum of users we have the possibility of fixing these issues.:grin:


More like Glock can’t compete with the S2K because they have nothing to offer. Glock doesn’t even make a long gun of any kind, much less a folding carbine. LOL

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Just don’t shoot it dry before a mag change and hope you don’t have a malfunction. :wink:

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@Wedge I just had a mental image of what it would be like if old Gaston Glock joined forces with George Kellgren!

Holy cow!

Can you imagine the products made by an Austrian minimalist and a “crazy” IKEA Swede?

It would change the firearms world as we know it!


Nah, ol’ Gaston is far too arrogant to “water down” his brand with someone else. LOL


@Wedge yeah, he is really riding that one horse for all it is worth! But he did revolutionize handguns…now if he applied his Teutonic attention to details to the designs of the “mad swede” we would have carbines, shotguns, and MSRs with the innovation of KT and the reliability of Glock!

One can dream right?


Eh, he’s still got enough to do on his own. We’re like on, what… Gen FIVE of “Glock Perfection”? LOL


@Wedge I had a G17 back in 1988, carried it with me in the gulf.

I honestly can’t see the difference between that one and the later models!

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I just looked at the Micro Roni for the Gen3 or 4 model 19. awesome little setup. I might be tempted to buy a glock and the Roni.


There’s a lot of differences, especially internally. I wanted to carry my Gen 2 G19 in the Gulf in the mid-90s, but it was pretty much impossible to do. I carried an issue Sig P226 instead because that’s what aviators got in the AOR, so it wasn’t all bad.


@Wedge in 89-91 they let us bring whatever personal side arm we wanted as long as was 9mm and we shipped it in the Bn armory connex shipping container.

Even back stateside I never caught flack for having my Glock as long as it was concealed under my blouse. And it did not ruin the lines and fit of my utility uniform.

Only rule (which I did violate from time to time) was guns could not be kept in the barracks, they had to be stored in the armory!

But back then service members were treated like adults.

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You were allowed to CCW on base? First I’ve heard of that unless it had to so with someone’s job like an MP, NIS, etc. And, I went to boot in '87.


@Wedge hmm…may have been more of a battalion “don’t ask don’t tell thing?” I was on the base pistol team with my 1st Sgt armory was often closed after practice! Plus he was an old crusty type, I knew he was “packing” and I followed his lead.


A big reason we weren’t allowed to bring personal sidearms was because they couldn’t support/maintain them all in theater. A 1911 or M9? Sure. But, bring in a broken Glock, S&W, etc and you’re SOL for parts.


I was trying to say that Glock has a long track record of reliability in actual combat use and in many different environments. The S2K doesn’t have that history yet. I like shooting my S2K a lot more than any of my Glocks, but it hasn’t earned my complete confidence yet with regard to protecting my family.

Kel Tec needs better quality control too. My S2K came from the factory with a misaligned front sight and I wasn’t the only one. Wasn’t a big deal but doesn’t inspire confidence.


@Wedge as long as shot nato 9mm was okay back then in the marines. If it broke then that was your own look-out! Armory would not support it beyond ammo.

Of course those of us on the “teams” got a little extra latitude on such things…not navy SEAL wiggle room but okay!


After a couple thousand rounds and no failures I decided I would use this as my travel firearm. Took a trip this weekend that was about 4 hours away from home. Through the S2K in the bottom of my duffel bag with a happy mag and a couple spare standard mags in a mag carrier. Takes up minimum space and it’s there in case I need it.


I’m happy with mine and finally trust it enough as a backup to my carry pistol.