SUB2000...Serious PDW Or Just A Range Toy?


This is why I enjoy this forum…everyone is helpful, we share our mistakes and successes, we share a few yuks, (blame it ALL on @wedge) and make intraservice jokes.

This is a good thing that @ChrisNelson created!


Pffff…he’s Army. Special Forces. I should probably don my vest with plates and hide behind some real cover so I don’t get sniped. LOL


@Wedge Speaking of Army - they are looking for a new compact 9mm machine gun. @Johnksg I think this would be just the thing for an RSO needing discreet firepower!


@TriggerHappy I saw that article. :+1: But I think it would be better for an SRO instead of an RSO! Lol

Funny how they came up with the name, “rattler”.


@Johnksg LOL :rofl: Yea I meant SRO - I supposed any range overseen by somebody with a “rattler” would be pretty cordial and well behaved heh heh


@Wedge uh oh, Chris is back and he saw your post!

Better get that vest on Scott! :joy::joy:

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You know I was thinking about the idea of an MCARB PCC from another post and wanted to expand on the idea of a serious PDW here.

Imagine a hybrid between the british sterling and a sub2000. A folder with an all steel tube receiver mated with an aluminum lower…no plastic. Springs, sear, and hammer in its own housing. Magazine well in the pistol grip, but put a slide extension for the charging handle to move it forward. Enlarge the bolt/buffer tube to accept AR/M4 stocks.

Now that would be a serious PDW!


I haven’t left cover yet! LOL


@Wedge yeah but eventually you will need to make a beer run or run out of toilet paper…

Oh well, it was nice knowing you, gonna have to find another moderator to blame stuff on! :laughing:


@TriggerHappy speaking of RSOs to be polite to…this guy was top notch in his response to this act of stupidity!


After a brief love affair with the idea of using my Sub2000 as a “truck gun”. I am placing it purely in the role of a competition weapon.

I am going to switch back to my old, non-PC but utterly reliable, truck gun!


I have the pro mag 32 round mags for the M&P 9mm. I did have issues with them when I first got them. But after discussing it here on the forum I followed the advice I received and the issue went away and they perform like a champ.


OK it’s official. I have spent more on upgrades than I have on the PCC itself. $309 on October 10th for my Sub2K. After a couple hundred rounds the MCarbo red life saver and recoilless charging handle. Then the fold down peep sight because I like an optic. Now with the Black Friday special how could I not do the all-in-one trigger kit. So does that make the Sub2k poor from the factory? No. Is @ChrisNelson a genius? Possibly. I have only had it for less than 2 months but it is already by far my favorite range mistress. I wonder how much of MCarbo upgrades/ideas will be incorporated in the Gen 3 when KT releases that? But you know I am not done. I really dislike having to put my optic on and off, even with a QD mount. It takes way to long when this rifle is supposed to be a quickly deployed self defense or home defense or B.O.B. tool. I have seen the Midwest Industries optic mount and just can’t bring myself to like it. So you know I will be one of the first in line for the MCarbo mount when released. Feel good to get that all out. Happy Holidays all.


Yep @Gatekeeper I know your pain!! Lacking 5 dollars spending on upgrades as original cost of S2K. Hope KT dosen’t come out to soon with a Gen 3. Will be unable to resist buying it and then will be back in the upgrade loop. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I paid $399 for my latest sub 2000 and $212 in MCARBO parts. Throw in a $110 optic. Still under the price of gun.


Awww, @Johnksg, tell me it ain’t true!! Now I’m the only one still holding to the dream. :disappointed: :disappointed:


@russ my sub is in my truck almost every day. I have some rough stops on a few of my days. I don’t believe there is a more practical truck gun beacause of the folding function and accepting pistol mags from a companion firearm that most likely is in the truck as well


ATTABOY, @Flogrown!! Just keep the head on a swivel and a sharp eye on your six. Would like to keep seeing you on the forum. :sunglasses:


Paid $350 for the Sub 2000 and have bought $444.55 in parts and tools from MCARBO. It is worth every penny. The subby is so much fun to shoot and it was just as much fun working on it. I do have to say I bought extra parts and tools. I misplaced a bunch of stuff so I rebought them then found them.


@KM55 You know now that you mention I too have enjoyed tinkering with this weapon more than any other.

Something about the S2K just makes me want to make modifications…maybe its the fact that it was so cheap?

I keep eyeing my wife’s but so far she has only put in a trigger kit and feed ramp. :disappointed: