SUB2000...Serious PDW Or Just A Range Toy?


@Johnksg that video was…awesome! The dialogue at 5:35 was my jam too!


@Kona yes, I liked that part as well! :+1:

Some of them “old school gunslingers” really did have some serious skills.


Had to laugh at this and thought I would share it with the brotherhood…

This morning I was making a beer run to my corner store and got pulled over by one my local PD. I wasn’t in trouble, he just wanted to ask me when we were going to have our next hunter safety class for his boy.

After asking about each other’s families he wanted to show me their new department patrol rifle. I showed him my S2K truck gun. He loved the short OAL and weight and especially that it used the same magazines as his pistol. (Cops are like grunts…its all about the weight!)

And yes, I do live in a town were a police officer and a citizen showing each other rifles on the side of the road does not raise any concerns! Lol

It made me think of what Dan Combs said at the end of his video…I am glad there are still places in America where that is true!


Another Dan Combs video I found… Do we still have the “guts” today that this gentleman had?


S2Ks are the favorite choice of moms!


@Johnksg I’m gonna let it ride because it’s S2K related but I would caution that we don’t want people posting sensational articles and such. It’ll be a circus if not restricted somewhat.


@Kona your right…I flagged it so you can take it off. I just thought it was funny!


@Johnksg I don’t think it needs to be deleted. I just don’t wanna see the type of posts get out of hand. Maybe another mod feels different and wants it deleted but I’m ok. It’s relevant to S2K which is the lionshare of why most of us are here.


I’m with ya Brother. Plenty places to talk smack and cuss yer eyes out (which trust me I have those skills!) just not here. I just don’t want this site to be labeled ‘extremist’ in any way.


Back to the S2K as a pdw…I got a call this morning, the PD would like to send some officers out to my next “open shoot” to try out the S2K and form an opinion. (I guess that officer I spoke to the other day spread the word?)

Now I am busy figuring total costs of MCARBO upgrades and what a per unit price would be with my local FFL!

I do not see the S2K as replacing the patrol rifle, however it does compliment the sidearm and has a low-profile place in the inventory of our LEOs on certain duties.

I also see merit in the Ruger PC9


shoot an email to and see if there is any potential savings buying in bulk :smile:


@Matt well PD was a no show, it was a bit foggy, and a Sunday. But I did have several of our new RSOs there and they got some time practicing with a shot timer, giving range commands, and shooting the brace of S2Ks I brought out.

They all really like the S2K and how the new load-out division will allow people to compete without a ton of expensive equipment.

Several of them made the comment that the keltec would be the perfect truck gun. (I think our local FFL is going to be selling a bunch of them in the future!)

One of the coaches noted that the S2K does have some merit for our more elderly shooters whom have problems manipulating and controlling a pistol. It won’t serve CHL purposes obviously but can make an ideal home defense weapon for the older folks.


@Matt and @dave67 I got Performance Services rear sight block and thread protector in, and just as I feared cannot mount the muzzle brake with the thread protector installed.

How did you do it?

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Put the thread protector on the other way

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And just use the thread protector as the nut, not the little on included with the Mcarbo brake


@Matt I thought of that, I have one of the newer “unpinned” front sight versions and there is a slight bulge just behind where the front sight would sit. Reversed the thread protector will not clear that bulge.

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Either I am doing something stupid, and missing the obvious, or I am yet another victim of Keltec’s infamous “rolling upgrades” that make aftermarket parts unusable!

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If it makes you feel better - you aren’t alone. I just got the notification that mine is waiting for me in the mailbox. I also need the .5x28 for a muzzle device. And, I’ve got the same barrel, so …

Good news for me is … no install here until the M*Carbo optic mount ships. Recall that mine is a serious personal defense weapon. I chuckle imagining myself asking a bg for time-out to affix my aiming device (currently on a QR mount).

I was sorta prepared to work the cutting wheel, the grinder and the sander - s’pose that’s gonna happen.


@Dred afraid so it appears…the good news is it looks like you can cut of the muzzle end of the thread protector just before the sleeve meets the threads and have enough space to mount the muzzle brake.

I agree with you on the need for irons, for a PDW, but this was to be a PCC game gun. I was thinking of mounting Buis sights as back-up, won’t fold completely back and lock of course…