SUB2000...Serious PDW Or Just A Range Toy?


As a comparison: the wife runs an RVG on hers with a Truglow shotgun red-dot, she can get a true co-witness with her irons with this setup.

(I am just not a fan of fwd grips for maneuvering around barricades…gets in my way)

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I have removed both. I am very satisfied with the results.


@Smoke can you run a red-dot without the ar riser and still see over the hinge?

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I do it with my “green dot” Holosun mounted directly to the top Pic rail. The view is completely clear with my MCARBO rear sight folded down. Well, except for that pesky front sight. LOL


@Wedge I was thinking of the MCARBO folding rear, but since I want to remove the front sight completely seems like a waste of $$ for my purpose.

Is the rear sight integral to the hinge mechanism? Can I remove it completely without any function issues, or should I just dremmel cut it off at the base?

I would really like to run a small venom sight without a riser if possible. I have one just sitting on a shotgun that no one really uses any more for competition.

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Yeah, no point in adding an aftermarket rear sight if you’re not even going to have a front sight.

No, the rear sight isn’t integral to the pivot hinge. You just remove it and reinstall the pivot cross-pin and screws. The rear sight just rides on that when it folds/unfolds. That’s easily seen if you’ve ever had it apart for any reason like installing MCARBO internal parts.

My Holosun has a bit of a “riser”, I guess because it has a built-in quick disconnect mount. But, there’s no separate riser or anything removable.


@Smoke @Wedge thanks guys! I sure do appreciate the input. This is why I enjoy this forum so much!!

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As Wedge indicated, my red dot has a small riser attached to it. I have no issues with the rear sight housing getting in the way. I have a Red Lion on the front, so I just rotate it out of the way 180 deg. when folding and storing.


@Johnksg Both sights can be removed, I noticed Kona has his removed and uses a red dot in his videos. I have also seen a filler piece that is made to fill rear sight void once sight is removed.


@Johnksg Here are the parts Performance Services Machining sells for front and rear sight removal. Sleeve covers barrel threads and block fills rear void.s-l400


@dave67 thank you very much! The sleeve looks like it might be too long for my MCARBO compensator, but I know a machinist who can cut it down. :+1:


@Johnksg The front sight on the Gen 2 is threaded on and that sleeve covers those threads, the comp would sit in front of that sleeve and maybe that sleeve tightened back against the comp and used as a lock nut? I don’t think you will have to cut the sleeve down.


@dave67 that would be great! So far I have not had to shim my comp and have had no loosening issues that others have reported, but I would still like to eliminate that small gap.

Thank you for pointing me towards this company, never would have found them otherwise!


@Johnksg Heat that front sight and front sight locking nut up good with a heat gun and it will unscrew very easily.


I use the long thread protector and Mcarbo muzzle brake just fine.



@Matt thank you for the pics! Definitely the direction I am going to take for my “load-out” division gun.

I sure do appreciate the advice and experience of all of my MCARBO brothers!


@Johnksg - thanks for saying what I’ve been concerning myself about.

@Matt - thanks for answering.

When the M*Carbo Optic Mount becomes reality. I will have no more need of irons. I’m entirely sold on my see all open night sight and since it has no electronics, I’m comfortable ditching the irons.


@Johnksg I read some posts from days ago of you, Kona and Wedge talking about the Thompson, I just came across this picture and caption and thought you might find it intetesting.


@dave67 thanks for that, went and read about Dan Combs, he was one of a kind!