SUB2000...Serious PDW Or Just A Range Toy?


@TriggerHappy historically speaking the 115gr FMJ was the “original carbine round” developed for longer barreled weapons with greater velocity & pressure. It gave the best balance of penetration and “cavitation”.

All of the “new generation” of bonded hollow point bullets were NOT designed for the carbine.


THAT is essentially the answer I was looking for - THANK YOU! :+1:


@TriggerHappy I gave you a “short answer” for those of us who read ballistics tables for enjoyment, study the different ballistics media tests and endlessly debate the expansion vs penetration argument there will be a LOT of naysayers to this post!

Bottom line is the 115FMJ works very well in a carbine, gives a good balance, and can provide superior performance against hardened or semi-hardened targets.

Cost is also a factor…I carry the Hornady Critical duty 135gr JHP in my side arm with a 15+1 capacity at a cost of $22 per box of 20.

Now compare that to an S2K and my standard carry loadout of three, 33 round magazines!

I want a balance between cost and performance.

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Hey Tex. Have two daughters (and 2 G42’s) at U of H. Bad part of the city.


@Dumasor both my daughter and daughter in law love their walther pps 9mm. Slim, light-weight, and pretty good shooters. (Plus it goes so well with young lady fashion choices!)

We have a lot of crazy radical kids in Portland and Eugene, and I don’t want either of them swept up in a violent mob simply because they “turned on the wrong street” with my grandbabies!


Ugh… My sister went to U of O in Eugene. I’ve never seen more head shops, pot couds, lesbian couples (mostly not the good kind) and Subarus in their “natural environments” as I did on my trips there to visit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :rofl:


@Wedge first, I love the old Subaru’s best woods/hunting vehicles you can have!

However I agree with you about UO. I taught there for 2 terms and it was the most miserable experience of my life. UO used to be a blue collar school. But it like Eugene has changed so much, in just the ways you have described, this “culture” ( if you can call it that) is like a cancer.

What is worse is those meatheads are slowly spreading to the woods and the coast…harassing hunters and fishermen.

My wife had a group of ‘em bug her and her friends while salmon fishing this year. They were in the little, cute kayaks while she and the girls where in a 30’ cabin cruiser…

Ever see what a wake from a pair of 75horse outboards will do to a plastic kayak?


Is it like those Sea Shepherd dudes going up against the Japanese whalers and getting sunk? :rofl:

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@Wedge my wife fishes an “all girls boat” with her friends. They are the sweetest ladies you will ever meet, all doctors and nurses.

That said they are ferocious salmon fishermen! You mess with those girls and their fish and being capsized is the least of your worries! :joy:

P.S. And they will not radio the coasties or sheriff boat either…they are all CHL holders and good, “old fashioned” Oregon country girls!


The wackjobs latest trick is to string out some nylon rope between their kayaks in order to try and foul props. (They can be a real pain in the assembly!)

Of course they get waked! They are lucky they don’t get shot! But sooner or later they will run up against the wrong person and that will happen…sigh

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My shop is about 3 or 4 miles from the U of H main campus. Hope your girls take their G42’s with them at all times, especially when leaving campus.


@Johnksg Throw a line out over their rope, hook it and then full throttle that power boat away from them…see if they can hang on.


Why you gotta mess with their kayaks like that? Reminds me of this. LOL


@Wedge Wow, I couldn’t “bear” to even watch that whole video. LOL :rofl:


@dave67 I think some of the commercial fishermen have done that. :+1:

@Wedge omg you had me cracking up with that video! “Bear please don’t eat my kayak!” :joy:

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all the top dogs in pcc are shooting 147gr, i have had the most success in my matches with 124gr.


115gr to me is too snappy in the sub2000


@Matt I can see where the heavier 147gr bullets could be an advantage with some of the heavier plates. Our RM always sticks one of the MGM momentum targets on the course. (I usually go to a staged shotgun for those).

However, because of the way our courses are staged we are limited to the polymer ammo only.

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I have been considering removing the front and rear sights completely so I can run a lower base on my optic for pcc.

Has anyone else tried this? Any recommendations or advice?

(I have two S2Ks this one is strictly a game gun and not one I would use in a defensive scenario)


This is my current setup. I replaced the TLR-2(G) with a standard TRL-1. Obviously I am not using a C-clamp hold, but the far forward position of the Aimpoint along with muzzle break keeps me solidly on target.

Problem I had during last night shoot was I lost precious moments on the 2nd stage when my eye focused on the rear sight post and I “lost my red-dot”. Lol

The other problem is the Aimpoint changes the cg and the weapon tends to want to roll a bit in the hand. I would like to go with either a sparc or venom sight if I removed the iron sights as that would give me the room for a proper c-clamp grip.

Thank you for any advice!