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SUB2000 - Secure Storage

Washington just passed some regulations regarding storage of firearms. I have all of my firearms locked up but since I decided to use my S2K for home defense, I needed to have an easy access secure storage for my S2K. I came across this safe on Amazon which fits the S2K perfectly. It’s really more of a gym locker than a safe and if anyone knows of a better safe this size please let me know. I already have a full size gun safe and a handgun safe.

Thanks! Scott


What are the new laws that they passed regarding firearms storage. Must they be kept in a locked space or something? No one but adults in my house and it stays locked so my house is my locked space. Most of my firearms are locked in safes, but there are a few scattered around the house for quick access.
Looking at your icon, you must be an Eagle Scout? Congratulations! I earned my Eagle back in 1975. Earned my God and Country the same year.

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Here is some info on WA 1639

I am pretty careful about keeping my guns locked up because we have a lot of kids and teens at our house. I don’t like legislation forcing gun storage though. On the upside, I knew the legislation was going pass which is why I bought my S2K. Wow, I just love it. Thanks to all the Washington gun haters. LOL


Oh, you’re talking Washington state. I thought you were talking a national law coming out of Washington DC. Sounds like the cancer that started in California has now spread across the whole west coast. GOD BLESS TEXAS!


gdktrading.co.uk they do a large ammo safe if you take out the shelves id say it be ideal

@Texprep There are a LOT of Californians moving to Texas my friend!

Hopefully they will take seriously our billboards.


Not mine just an easy way to lock em up but still be accessible. Seen this on Pinterest


@Flogrown. I ran out of likes just as I saw your pic so wanna send a big :+1:

Btw when are they gonna fix your name? Lol

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Hahahaha @Kona isn’t really sure what happened but it’s actually kinda funny it pasted the whole quote. It fits though I’m a class clown kinda guy


@Flogrown well I guess for now I will refer to you as dude!

Dude that is such a great idea and thank you for posting the picture! I can easily make that in my shop and it is exactly the type of art my wife likes to hang on the walls.


I’m built a wall mantle for wifey, she showed me one in pottery Barn for $400.00 I was like pfffff. I’ll build a better one for Less than $100. All I have left is to put the bottom on with the hinges and magnetic locks. I can’t finish it at least until the end of January cause this is what it looks like now


It’s amazing all the stuff that gets passed around and how everyone pitches in


@Flogrown dude that flag motif would look perfect in my entryway right next to the front door. Could hold a pair of S2Ks plus mags real easy!

Also a good spot for grab it and go situations!

Its so obvious to me now that I see the picture…but it would have never occurred to me otherwise!


@Johnksg I know what you mean, If I’m looking for direction on something Pinterest is a gold mine for ideas

@Johnksg somewhere on YouTube there’s a video a guy shows you how to do it step by step not saying you can’t I know you can. But he gives you all the measurements for your cuts. Looks like you’ll need a router too he used cabinet hinges so they would remain hidden

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Whoa, I think the ultimate Sub 2000 safe. It’s $788 but $449 if you buy it at their showroom in Vancouver, WA. It’s fireproof and weighs 230 pounds!!! https://trackersafe.com/products/t302020s-el


@Flogrown looks good but doesnt look very secure but im sure you could copy in metal

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Saw the guy at Orlando Gun Show with these and he’s designing one for the Sub2000 after asking him about. He said he had one so he’ll get around to designing one size wise since what he had there was huge or may have been tight.

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