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SUB2000: Run It Wet?

First post.

Got the Sub2000 like a lot of guys to give PCC a try in IDPA without breaking the bank. (20+ year IDPA shooter; devoted AR shooter but how can you beat this plastic gun for this.)

Running what I think is a standard economy set up: cheap Bushnell RDS on the Midwest Industries swing mount, Magpul handstop.

My son an I had the gun at the range and sighted in irons and RDS without issues. 200+ rounds of 147 gr right out of the box. Glock and Pmags. Not a hiccup. Damned enjoyable gun.

So my question: As with any blowback, this thing runs DIRTY. I am guessing it is going to want to be run fairly wet. Advice?

(As a lefty, though I enjoyed the powder shower, I do think I’ll add the shell deflector. $10 is hard to go wrong.)



Doing more reading here and may well have answered my own question. Seems like dry and gritty is preferable to wet and gummy in this blowback world. (Excellent advice in a post by Johnksg.)

Coming from the worlds of direct impingement and op rods and the like, this is new territory. Fun times ahead, I see.


Just want to confirm my agreement with your conclusion. I’m presently happy with Eezox. It is effectively a drylube (reassembly is delayed until cleaned and coated bits have “dried.”

That said, many here will cringe if I ever open mine up on camera. My cleanlines regiment mimics my 22lr firearm regiment. I’m gonna guess I’m a little north of 1k quality rounds before I start to think about a detail cleaning. Note: this is 1k+ of quality rounds. I tend to avoid ammo that is dirty like winchester white box and only shot steel and aluminum to verify that it will launch in an emergency.


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II would also agree with @Dred and @Johnksg.

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I am the same as you in that regard, with some guns, and I have seen that very “cringe”. In spite of that they never had an answer as to why my 870’s, s2k etc always seem to perform and put ammo downrange as well or better than whatever they were shooting. No matter how clean, lubed, and tuned they were after every box of shells.