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SUB2000 On Television

Anyone see this week’s Shooting Gallery with Michael Bane on the Outdoor Channel? Topic: Silencer Co. They were using a 9MM S2K on the range silenced. Looked nice. Too bad supressors are illegal in Illinois. Legislators think it is an assassins tool here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Where else might you have seen one on TV?


There was a show on Netflix (can’t recall the name) where a gen. 1 was used as a sniper rifle. A huge oversized scope. Bad guy was on a 20+ story window and shot at someone on the ground.


@Gatekeeper you mean a S2K can’t do that?! Darn there goes my dreams of 9mm sniper rifle. :rage:


Yeah, ain’t it a shame!! Ever time I think of a good idea, somebody comes along and pops my bubble. :tired_face:


Why do people blame politicians for things, the problem is your neighbors, the politicians work for your neighbors who elected them.

Yes that show was about soldiers coming back from the future to change the past to fix their future. Black woman elite sniper had the old metal Keltec with a side folding scope that she always deployed so fast that you could not really see how it worked.


Sure you you can do it! If you see it on TV it must be true!

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