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Sub2000 front sight

All Things SUB-2000!
I have an idea for a replacement Sub2000 front sight that would co-witness with the Mcarbo flip up rear sight.
The Tavor X95 has a hidden front that folds into the picatinny rail that would not interfere with the folding of the Sub2000. It will give the Sub2000 a more streamlined appearance.


Look at the front sight on red lion web page


Two Qs … my Tavor had a fold up front sight, but it was not adjustable and it folded into a cutout in the rail. So, where will it fold to? And, how will you adjust the point of impact?


The Mcarbo design engineers will figure out the details to conform with the Sub2000

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OK I found the sight you are referring to, and the picatinny rail knockout to accommodate the recessed front sight. Not sure about the adjustment but the picatinny rail would have to be upgraded from the stock rail, how ever that might apply. It’s just me, I have trouble sighting the stock front sight and will keep trying until I succeed.