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Sub2000 front sight issue

Looking for some help. I have a 40cal Gen2 sub2000. I bought the performance services front sight block and the tritum truglo front sight. Put them on the sub, and it shoots really low. Took the sight all the way to stop. Realized that block is taller than the stock block. So put the truglo back on the the stock block. Again, same issue. The sight is all the way to stop and I’m still about 6 inches low at 50 yards. I’m done some minor MCarbo upgrades. The ramp, buffer pad and all the screws. Any thoughts?? I’m about to chuck this thing in the river.truglo ![sight|512x384]


Is the sight bottoming out on the adjusting flat part of the sight or on the threads?

Do you have the stock rear sight or aftermarket? The stock rear sight is shorter!

Bottoming out on the flap part were the detente catches it to hold it.

Stock sight. I wanted to order the one rear they had at mcarbo. But don’t see it offered anymore. I don’t want a flip down read. I don’t plan on using anything but iron sights.

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@semccane They still offer the peep or notch rear sight. You just need to click on the “select” box.

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As much as I would like the notch sight. I don’t think it’s wise to spend that kind of money on a flip down sight that I would never flip down. Kinda expense for something I won’t use.

@semccane. I’ve been watching this thread since you made your post because I’ve also installed the TG-H3 front sight. I haven’t yet had the chance to take it to the range to zero it in, but I did initially run the sight to the bottom as a starting point because of it’s height.

The other thing I’m questioning is that, it seems to only allow for full turn adjustments.

I’m interested in the insight others here have on fixing this situation or what other night vision options might be for replacing the original steel post.