Sub2000 Folding Front Sight?

Just wondering if there are plans for a folding front sight for the Keltec Sub2000 to go along with the folding rear sight? This is really the only final thing needed for the “complete M*Carbo package” IMHO.


Like …



Yeah, I’ve seen that and it’s not the kind of solution I would like. It seems a bit blocky and bulky and not of the same high caliber that MCarbo produces.


As far as I know that is the only option.


It is well made. It is substantially better than Kel Tec’s factory sight. I run it without issue.

I also dig on MCARBO, but I believe that the market for a slicked up version of Red Lion’s folding front sight is extremely small - almost certainly too small to pay for development and manufacturing.


Thanks for the info. I’m probably going to just remove the front sight completely, as it’s really not needed with my setup and use of this rifle.

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NP … I ran w/o before upgrading to the RedLion. Just not willing to risk dead battery after finding it dead once.

You might find use for the Kel Tec or Performance Services thread protector. Both protect the G2 front sight threads but one also covers muzzle threading.


I have the RedLion sight on my Gen 1. Very well made. Also, uses A2 sight post, so lots of options there

My issue with this sight isn’t how it works, but how bulky it is and just looks bad IMHO. I’ve decided to go with no factory front sight and put on 45 degree angeled fold down sights with the M*Carbo red dot mount. This should allow me free view with the red dot and use of the iron sights only when needed and I just need to cant the gun. The rare, and I mean extremely rare chance of the red dot failing I feel this is plenty of backup to it.