SUB2000 Deflector Plate


Here is a topic on the deflector subject.SUB-2000 Deflector Plate
Also @Bridgeman adapted a brass catcher to his. I cant find the page it is on but it is worth checking out.


Saw your post Jeff. These are some pics of what I did. I hope they go through.

I used a coat hanger and bent it to fit inside to support the top to the brass catcher because it would sag down if I did not do this. I used duck tape to hold it to the top and plastic bag ties to hold it to the bottom .I peeled the tape away so you can see how the wire fits under the top of the brass catcher. I added a rubber band to hold the back up and in place when on the gun. I used tie wire to attach the hanger to the wire frame of the brass catcher. I also bent the catchers wire frame to allow it to fit tighter to the forearm. Hope this helps. It has been working well for me at the range. I also shoot left handed with a left eye dominance and blow back used to be problem. I h


Don’t exactly hold your breath yet @Bridgeman but MCARBO might have something cooking over in R&D that should give entirely new meaning to the words: ‘NO MORE COAT HANGERS!!’:grin:


Oh there we go. Thank you so much Robert.
I knew what you had done from when we were talking about it. I thought I saw a pic somewhere of it mounted once, but I not might have.
These pics are awesome. :smiley::+1:

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all in on a deflector plate…being a leftie shooter

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put me on the list, please… simple kydex sounds great

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I’m new to the forum, just bought a sub2K and recently received my first round of M*Carbo gear. Lefty as well and would have added this to my order. I’ll buy one as soon as it’s available.



Take a good close look at the shell deflector on a Remington 552 .22 semi-auto.

Another Lefty,

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I’m not a lefty but I do have an AT3 Tactical red dot mounted at a 45* angle on my .40 s2k. Lots of fun just to twist the rifle and go from iron sights to a red dot PLUS it still folds together. I do get an occasional shell in the face. Well, DUH!! I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I wear eye protection. Anyway, some type of deflector would really be nice. Put me on the buyers list !!!

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I got it formed and on the Sub2000. went to the range and it performed flawlessly. I also put my shell catcher on over top of it and it still worked like it should, no issues what so ever.


I was finally able to use the deflector last weekend. What a difference! Prior to installation, I was never able to put more than 15 rounds down range before getting extremely frustrated with the debris and gas I was catching in the face. I successfully ran through 250 rounds and finally got to enjoy shooting my S2K.

The only issue I had was with my molding of the kydex. My forearm was getting popped with hot shell casings if I supported my shooting position with my elbow resting on the bench. Nothing a little re-molding and a long sleeve shirt can’t fix. The attached range pic isn’t anything special, but I wanted to send it along.


Just cut and molded a copy of the MCarbo black shell deflector out of Magpul FDE Kydex for my GEN 2 Sub 2000… as a lefty I was really looking forward to redirecting the blow-back gases away from face and eyeglasses etc. however I am running a RedLion for end and unfortunately the Kydex .60 thickness is just too tight to let the buffer catch stay in the locked position. And it looked so goof in FDE and blended in to the SUB so well.
I will have to see if can design something that doesn’t transition across the top of the receiver. For this particular Sub2000… I am sure the M
Carbo stock black deflector will work just fine on my Gen 1 Black Sub2000.

Respectfully submitted to the M*Carbo Brotherhood,


@FDWolf Welcome to the Brotherhood’ I posted pictures of mine months ago for Ideas for Chris and M*Carbo INC they should be on Forum Somewhere, I’m using the double side Style Velcrow with adhesive backing on my Sub with the red lion fore end.
I will try to locate a copy for you.


@FDWolf Please see 12/73 jun 2018(sub 2000 Deflector Plate !


Start workin on a deflector plate Chris…I’m a lefty, but shoot with the right. Left is more comfortable for me. You’ve got a buyer already !