SUB2000 Deflector Plate


Plus you have to tie the straps around the gun


I just got some sheet metal for my project, I will have to cut and start hammering away, anyone know what I can cut a 1/8 inch aluminum sheet with? I have a dremmel and a drill but my buddy said a diamond cutter is dangerous on aluminum…


You have your own design omnivous


Nice job @KM55!
This is along the lines of what I was thinking for a deflector plate. How well does it secure to the sub? I like how used one of the grip screws to help locate it in place.


Metal Cutting Saw disc’s for your dremmel @ Home Depot !

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COMMAND STRIP’S !! is How I did Mine, A Fine On one side of Strips and a Medium Coarse on the Other, It’s all you can do to remove them for cleaning of the SK2. Just a Thought,My Other Half, Got them in the Sewing department,@ JoAnn’s Inc.

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Another Lefty here…

Chris, I would order one. I like the idea of using the sling mount and adding a place to QA/QD the deflector.

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My idea would make it easy to use and remove also could be designed as brass catcher option


It’s not pretty to look at. This is hand cut.
Function before looks.

What are your ideas?

We could offer a precision cut piece of kydex that can be molded to the users liking. All you need to do is warm it up in the oven for 3-5mins and start bending. I would say something like this would retail for $15 or less if possible. I haven’t priced anything but it’s a guess. Thoughts?


@ChrisNelson cleaned up and MCARBO laser etched on it and I’m in man.


@ChrisNelson Test fired it to see if expended cartridge clears the ejection port ok?


Can’t on those s2k those are his cut away model for trigger bar

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Hey it’s a Great Start’ as Kona say’s a little Finish work it will be Fine ! Looks good Chris.


Thanks Guys! I really appreciate the feedback.

I have no idea how well it works. Just wanted to get the ideas rolling. Not sure it will be a hit like the trigger bar or muzzle brake but at least a few Lefties will benefit.

I could probably just mail out some precut sections of rectangular kydex to a few guys in here that can test right away and you would come up with something spectacular.

It’s hard to make this look good. It’s got to be more of a functional item for a desperate lefty than anything else?

Who here is a lefty? I know @KM55 is. Anyone else?


Chris’ It must of been when you were MIA’ We had Quite the (Discussion) going on here about Us Lefty’s and How Out of Round we were Compared to the rest of the World!:rofl:


I am left handed. I have now shot over 500 rounds through my Sub 2K 2G (as is) and I don’t know what this blowback complaint is all about. This is one add-on (sorry) that I have no need for. Just not getting this.


I thought that why we all wore Safety Glasses ! more for the Brass deflection Aspect, collection of
spent brass ?

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I am a lefty. I’m willing to give it a try.


Like everyone else, I was drawn to the SUB-2000 by its unique features. I soon found out, however, that it’s NOT a lefty-friendly carbine! I certainly would buy a deflector for my SUB-2000, and I’ll hold off selling it for now knowing that M*CARBO certainly could devise one worth purchasing.

This will date me, but I was given a deflector for my Army-issued M16A1, and it made that rifle a joy to shoot!

Best regards,



Guilty. A lefty in a right handed world

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