SUB2000 Deflector Plate


From what my experience is with s2k, the ejection pattern is pretty good, by good I mean it flings the casing out with authority. That being said, if you were to have just a simple hood directed forward, I think it would suffice to keep debris, gas and casings from hitting the lefty shooter, now if you want to integrate a catcher for the reloaders which can be removed, I think would be a good idea in order to reach more than just left handed shooters, strictly from a marketing perspective…

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I made a really crude mock up with some cardboard, pictured below, I think it will have to be held on right behind the “castle nut” that way it will not get in the way of anything, and put some rings for little hooks around it if you want to add net for catching shells.

I’m gonna go get some sheet metal and use the cardboard as a template and make a prototype and see if it actually works as it should


This is the first attempt on my deflector plate, the weapon is folded and it causes no interference. It sticks out about 3/4" from the body of the firearm. I cycled 2 - 17 round magazines to see if it interfered with ejection and no fouling.


Nice Job, my only reason For my idea was for the Brass Retrievers ! Who Running Hill and Dale picking it Up, I like the way you also Blocked the side for Powder.


Thank you, being a lefty I was interested in finding a solution to this issue when I don’t feel like running the firearm with the shell catcher on it.


Chris how flexible is kydex during the during the molding process? The issue I’m having is I can’t make the plate from one piece. I have to glue the blowback plate onto the deflector.


Here s my idea for ejector port deflector! Let me know what you think!!


It would use the qd single point sling mount bracket as a mounting point

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Let me know what you think


@ Non a southpaw, but I like the idea of the brass catcher for us reloaders.


I thought if this because my wife is a lefty plus I’d like the brass catcher myself

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being a southpaw, I put my single point sling on the right side of the mount. it would be tough putting two items in the same place.

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Well mcarbo could make the qd mount with a added extra bracket for this


A small detail that’s why I asked you all to let me know what u think


I use a brass catcher now and it stops the problems with the brass flying back into my face and the blowback too… There are times when the brass catcher might be a problem and only the deflector would do. Like deploying in an emergency I normally don’t have the catcher on the firearm because of the bulk. I like keeping the S2K streamline when it’s concealed.


Or since you’d have to clock qd mount you could slip a metal ring where it bolts together and use that as a place to clip sling in too


place for a ring to clip into


there are endless possibilities for this sort of setup and it’s good that we are all putting in our designs. this might trigger someone else to come up with THE design or help the designers at MCARBO come up with something. For now I will continue to use the shell catcher until the answer is found.

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That’s way to bulky for me