SUB2000 Deflector Plate


Just got another Lefty Request for a deflector plate. We’ve had a ton so far. Makes me really want to offer a solution.

“There is some serious powered blowback if your on the wrong side of a Sub 2000. Im sure others have this problem if they are a lefty. Can you design a shield or deflector plate to direct that blow back away from the shooter. Wearing a bandanna at the range will get some strange looks…looks like I’m prepping for heist or bank job. Hope you can help me and other leftys out…love your products and company.”

I really love the part about looking like he was prepping for a bank heist! haha…I can imagine the looks at range. Kind of badass. LOL.

What do you guys think about a SUB-2000 deflector plate? Would this be useful for Right handed shooters in any way?

Any ideas of what this would look like?


@ChrisNelson I’m righty and I still have a need for one. I work support side transitions all the time and the blowback sucks. Do it for Kona! Please and thanks and whatnot.

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Shell catcher /deflector got my vote for that


I shoot leftie. I’d buy that.


Not a lefty but would enjoy a catcher if the shell I recycle my brass


So deflector /shell catcher would be cool


I’m a lefty. Not big on the catcher idea, but I like the idea of a deflector. Someone on here or the Kel Tec owner’s group had one they made forme a piece cut from a plastic coffee can that looked good and seemed to be very functional.


This is why I’m here and apart of this community. simple innovation and creativity make big Quality of Life Changes. Nice creation ken


My left eye dominance puts me on the wrong side when I wear out my weak eye. I have the same brass catcher (not mod’d though) as Ken, but I’ve never bothered with it on the Sub2k. I’ll give it a try.

Honestly, I just suck it up - butercup style.

That said: with all the fabulous/fancy duct tape available these days plus acres of real estate in the ejection port area, a decent deflector can be easily rigged. Need it branded? Try making one from a business card and clear packing tape.

As a bonus, the rigged deflectors are also tunable.

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If you find a pic or can replicate we’d like to get a visual.


I found this on google.

Maybe we can come up with a low cost solution that won’t tie up a ton of resources.

Possibly a kydex part that attaches to the SUB without cutting or drilling preferably?



I’m a lefty!! I’ve been using the catcher since I bought my subK. I keep one in my subK bag and 1 in each of my AR bags. I collect brass to recycle via Freedom Munitions. I don’t know if I would add anything to the ejection side of the firearm. I’m not bothered by the shells flying by my face or getting a little powder on my face. I’ve gotten used to this due to shooting an AR for many years. It will be interesting to see what Chris comes up with.


I’m late to the party but I’m a lefty and would love a deflector. But with the condition I could still fold the Sub. I love the innovative ideas on this forum.


This would definitely be a must. I’ll see what we can put together. Anyone want to test it?


Awesome! Looking forward to it.

I think a simple cost effective solution would be best. Likely out of kydex. Small and not an eye sore.


@ChrisNelson did somebody say “who wants to test MCARBO prototypes?” slowly raises hand high


Heck, I’m a lefty and would love to test something like this. I don’t do competitions of any sort. I shoot/practice in my back yard and at local gun club. I asked about looking into this in an email after getting my first Mcarbo parts…I’m just not a designer of any sort. I’m lucky to build a doghouse. :smiley:


Right on! Glad we’ve got some interest.

Let’s not set the bar too high here. It will be a simple Kydex part.

Let me know what you guys had in mind. Post any pics of stuff you think would be a reasonable adaptation.

I’ll share pics of what we put together before we finalize anything. More to follow on this.

Fire away!


What if you just made it removable? Something that hooked on the ridge on the left side, went over top and snapped onto the right side somewhere around the ejection port hood. Then to release you just lift out and up on the right side.
I know I want my Sub to close but I’m fine with it being a range accessory I add once I’m setup. In a self defense scenario I won’t be paying attention to how much gas I’m eating while shooting the bad guy. Lol. So it won’t matter if it’s on while stored in my bag.


Option 2: a small piece of kydex epoxied around the top and back of the ejection port. But I’m sure people wouldn’t want to permanently alter their Sub.