SUB2000 Bolt Head


No +p was shot. Only thing I ran in was Winchester white box. The parts will be taking a road trip back to Fl as soon as I can find time to ship it off. The folks at Kel-Tec were great more companies should have customer service like them.


Yeah had to be a fluke I’ve torn the internet apart and couldn’t find anyone else talk about having this happen. Really the only part that gets me down is I can’t shoot it right now.


The Range Master told me and Ken at the Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club about a month ago that of all the firearms he has seen there, not once has he seen a Sub-2K fail. So it sounds like yours is the exception rather than the rule.


I have a brand new one. Having problems with failure to extract on my 40 cal. I noticed the same thing on my bolt head. It was cracked. How long will it take them to give me a new one?