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SUB2000 .40 Beretta Feed Problem And Possible Fix

Had some serious feed problems with a new Sub 2000 .40 cal with the multi-mag Beretta option. About every other round would not feed - the bolt would be half closed with the round at a 45 degree angle. Was using the 10 round Mec-Gar magazine that came with the rifle and tried ball, hollow-point and Hornady critical defense. All resulted in a jam as described

I was about ready to send the rifle back to Kel Tec for repairs when I decided to try loading it with the 10 round factory magazines for my Beretta 96.

Result: no jams

I took a closer look at the Mec-Gar magazines and they are shaped slightly different than the Beretta magazines.

Just some food for thought and your mileage may very.


Been thinking of buying another S2K in .40 cal. Based on your experiences, think I will opt for the S&W flavor, since my current S2K 9 mil is S&W and has run flawlessly. Thanks for the heads up! :+1:


Glad this worked out with minimum trauma. I’ve had mec tar mags for my 1911 and they flat out did not work either