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Sub CQB at Kel Tec Weapons

So we can read about it at Kel Tec. It is priced.

At Shot one of their reps mentioned delivering it unsuppressed so we could take delivery of an operating rifle while waiting on a stamp. This option is not discussed and I expect that concept dead.

I want one. I hope @ChrisNelson gets us a price on an M Series upgrade. I need to compare cost of $995 Sub CQB plus trigger stuff and bolt tube cover for a multimag.


crap. thats going to make me broke …again… what they going to do it in just 9? or 9 and 40?
Last suppressor i got took me over a year waiting on the stamp because of backlog…


@GOBLIN Well that’s not the news I wanted to hear on the Stamp! :roll_eyes: “Alaska by dog sled” it will be Forever! This Would be My Last Gun if I Live long enough for the Damn Stamp’ Maybe my Expired Concealed Permit from 80’s will Suffice the Fed’s :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: