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SUB-350: Compact Forend For SUB2000

Anyone else use this forend? I bought it just to see how it would look.
I really like it. Feels great. Looks good. Just not as functional.
Well it would function fine for iron sights only, I guess.

If I was home, I’d post a picture. If I remember, I’ll add one this weekend.

Sorry, forgot to link to it in case someone is interested.


There was someone that posted a picture of his S2K a while back that had that forend, it looked very short from what I remember and you lose picatinny rails. You also can’t lock it in closed position?


I went with the red lion on my gen one, to retain the fold feature and have the rails.
the compact will fold and lock on gen 1, but not gen 2


I thought about it. You can buy a 3-way rail for the barrel but I might go with the Aluminum one they have. Not sure yet.


Yeah, the 420, I think is the model. I like it, as well. Might get it one day.
I bought the compact one, knowing it’s limitations, just out of curiosity.
And it’s only $27. Cheap enough to toy around with and shelf when done.

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Just adding a couple pictures.



Doesn’t actually look that bad. Different. If I use my imagination, I see it as a cool little SBR if the barrel was shorter. Great experiment.

Thanks for a real good look at it👍


LoL. I had the front sight off to work on it. Put it back on for these pictures.
Notice anything funny? I put the lock nut on, then the sight and muzzle brake.
Got to wondering why I didn’t have very many threads left for the muzzle brake.