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Sub 2k paint job

Hey All,

Has anyone painted their sub 2k? if so how did you do it and post some pics. would like to paint mine but not sure what color or how to go about it.



Hey @Rambo Rambo

Check out the handy work and painted SUB2K here.

Go to the end of the post to see final painting.


I literally just rattle cans mine I grabbed some leaves and some various stuff and used a very light tan some fde and just sort of kind of Picasso it up a little bit. My mentality is a lighter color can always be made darker in a pinch

I too am wanting to paint my S2K. The factory color is Midnite Bronze and I was thinking of doing a HydroDip. Has anyone had good/bad expierence with HydroDip? I intend to wait until my internal MCarbo parts get in, so I can paint it while I have it disassembled. Thoughts or ideas welcome.


See these threads:

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I was visiting some cetakote guys today nice way to go. Looking at camillion (sp) color shifting job. guncandy.com

Hi. A photo of my Wolverine themed Sub 2K. A little over-the-top but it was fun to make ( and still folds and super fun to shoot!)


Welcome to the brotherhood @JamesS . Thats a cool look you have there, id love to see the claw deployed!


Welcome JamesS
Nicely done.

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Thank you! Claws fully deployed. Lol. Actually makes a great forward grip and reduces muzzle flip


Thank you my friend.

Ok, i didnt look close enough at the mounting, and assumed they flipped forward, bayonet style.

You’re right. That was my original plan, and would have been the ideal. I was thinking of doing some modification of a FAB defense folding forward grip. With the rails on the Sub2k being polymer, I felt a single attachment to the rail wouldn’t wear well and other ideas I had to affix the steel claws made the gun too bulky or interfered with folding. (I would like to see Kel-Tec change to aluminum rails, kinda of like CAA did with their MCKs.)

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