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Sub 2K operating handle upgrade

Hi everyone, I’m King, a newbie here, This is probably an old question and topic, but I’d like to know what anyone thinks is the best M*Carbo operating handle upgrade for the Keltec Sub 2000 rifle. They offer about four options and I’d like to pick what seems to be the best. Thanks a lot everyone!



First of all welcome to the forum. There are three charging handle options…Recoiless, Skeletonized and Double Finger Extended. I have and like the short fat Recoiless which adds a little weight over the stock Kel-Tec charging handle to help with the recoil of my .40S&W S2K. I don’t like how long the Double Finger Extended is or the feel of a skinny charging handle, reminds me of the stock Kel-Tec charging handle which for me was just painful to use. The Skeletonized is just like the Recoiless only hollow inside making it weigh closer to the stock Kel-Tec charging handle but in a larger diameter. I think Mcarbo sells a sleeve that can go over the stock Kel-Tec charging handle if you are looking to save money it might help a little with comfort.


Welcome @Kingparis!
I too have the recoiless handle on mh 9mm, and @dave67 covered just about all the why?'s


Hi Kingpasis and welcome.
I installed the rubber over the stock charging handle, was a bit loose at first but snugged up over time.


I also have the short and fat recoiless one. It’s a great improvement over stock.


I literally have all 3 of them. I started with the double finger, which was much better than the stock handle. I liked it fine, but the felt recoil still was a bit much. So I changed to the recoilless charging handle. I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to try it with stupid 2020 and all, and then I won the skeleton version in a Mcarbo Brotherhood raffle. Haven’t used it either. They are ALL better than stock as far as function. Can’t say if the recoilless lessens the recoil, but it’s easy to grab and use, unlike the factory one. I would go with that one. The double finger was easy to use, but no real help otherwise. The skeletonized is light, easy to use, but no real help otherwise. The recoilless is easy to use, AND supposedly cuts at least some recoil (again, I can’t attest to this yet). So with no real difference in ease of use and price, use the one that does more. Combine it with the Kel Tec heavy bolt, and the 2 should work well together in theory anyway. These guns just kick more than they should. Make it as comfortable as possible.


@Kingparis, welcome to the forum. There’s a lot of awesome info here and everyone is willing to help with any questions.

When I made the decision to swap out the factory charging handle I went with the recoilless one. I really didn’t notice any added weight when installed and the reduction in felt recoil made it worth it. I also added the recoil buffer (red washer) and the bolt tube cover at the same time.

Note about any new charging handle you might get. The new locking pin that comes with them can be difficult to install, especially if you have arthritis in your hands like myself and others have. There are other methods to install other than what the video on M*CARBO’s site shows (these are discussed in other topics). I used the twist method and was able to get it on in just a couple minutes.