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Sub 2k muzzle break

Can the Mcarbo muzzle break for the Sub 2k be considered a suppressor or silencer in anyway? Don’t want to get in trouble here in Illinois. Thanks


It’s doesn’t reduce the noise level at all. It diverts muzzle gasses backwards to help pull the gun forward and reduce perceived recoil.


Great, thanks for the quick reply. Just needed to be sure before I go to the range. Thanks


@TRTHOMAS muzzles vary. Ones redirect sound towards target/down the range, others help with recoil. Another thing you want to check is it’s thread size/pattern and also caliber. Usually when purchasing they will list what the muzzle’s main function will be (besides looks which most try to make eye candy) and the type of thread and caliber it’s intended for.

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Illinois law states nothing can be added to the barrel of a firearm that changes the sound. I need to be sure the M*CARBO muzzle brake won’t get me in trouble. Thanks

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EDIT: Best thing to do is call the gun range and ask them if they allow muzzles.

@TRTHOMAS a muzzle does not change the sound, it can redirects the sound towards the target , down the range helping reduce the visual of flash (which I didn’t mention) -aka Flash Hider- or in a way that reduces/helps with recoil -aka Muzzle Brake-
Same sound, it just gets redirected. A suppressor muffles/lowers (or what you call “changes”) sound. There is no suppression in the design of muzzles, otherwise they would not be considered muzzles, they would be considered suppressors.

Check this about muzzle and the 2 main functions:
Muzzle Brake vs. Flash Hider: Do You Know the Difference? – Silencer Central

Also check this about Flash Supressor vs Silencer (scroll down to 4th title):
Silencer vs. Suppressor: Is There a Difference? – Silencer Central

Are subsonic ammo legal in the state of Illinois? Those have heavier projectiles to keep them below sound barrier thus eliminating barrier sonic boom. Now this is another topic… LOL

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Are you sure?? I would ask this guy, because depending on what day it is you might get a different answer. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Seriously though, these guys have it right, a break or can does not reduce the decibel of a firearm.


Speaking of sub2000 muzzle break, Anyone on hear have the discontinued .40 cal MCARBO sub2000 muzzle break that would want to sell it? I have been looking for one and MCARBO discontinued the .40 and kept producing the 9mm version.

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I ended up getting muzzle brakes on the bay…