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Sub 2k Light strikes!

@ChrisNelson. Has anyone else found this issue? Something chris and guys could resolve


@Silverback only time I ever did on the gen 1 was about 250 rnds and the firing pin spring broke. I had had it apart a few items and had it way over lubed, plus i had trouble getting the bolt to line up the first couple of items i did it, so it could have caused the spring issue my own damn self… since then have just rolled over 4000 rounds total.
it drove me nuts. it would fire 3 or 4, light strike. then it might fire a complete magazine, and light strike again. those intermittent issues can be a bear…


Hmmmmm. Maybe time to take bolt out and check firing pin and spring. Definitely not over lubed.

Thanks again


I’m assuming since you’re in the group you have our parts inside?

When you had the grip apart did the hammer spin freely on the hammer pin? If it didn’t you may need to polish the pin and hammer pin hole on the hammer.

Other than that remove the bolthead, pull the firing pin, check the spring, clean the firing pin and firing pin channel. When you put it back together the channel and pin should be dry.


@PatrickR Yep everything ran smooth. I going to look at bolt first. If that doesn’t work then I will open up and double check hammer function. Hey where’s that stainless hammer pin? Havent seen it on the web page.



The SS hammer pin and bushing is still in the works, tooling up to do them IIRC. It’s not a project I’m a part of, I don’t know all the details. Sorry, wish I knew more.


Thanks for the heads up


Please hurry with the parts. I’m finally all paid up on my MCarbo parts and have a little change to start buying again!!!


First time ever with Winchester white box. Almost every other round
What a waste.